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Global district heating software and services

Danfoss Leanheat® is an application-driven suite of end-to-end software and services that harnesses the power of digitalization to optimize energy production and consumption, increase operational efficiencies, and put building control and maintenance in your hands.

End-to-end optimization for district energy and buildings

Danfoss Leanheat® offers revolutionary end-to-end software systems and services for the control and optimization of district energy systems - from plants and distribution to buildings and homes. By unlocking the potential of connectivity, optimization tools make it possible for utilities and service providers to effectively meet growing demands for energy efficiency while improving business operations and costs.

Optimization from the ground up.
From the planning phase to real-time monitoring and control, Danfoss Leanheat® solutions and services unlock the door to optimization at each level of your business with powerful results:

  • Optimization leads to significant energy and maintenance savings
  • Easy installation ensures quick and seamless system retrofitting - and fast-track savings
  • Building occupants experience optimal climate comfort

Achieve more with modular software.
A modular software foundation means solutions can be tailored to the need and scale of individual applications. Precise control, improved operational efficiency, and design optimization are made possible on any range of greenfield, expansion, and refurbishment projects.

Data-based decisions lead to dynamic district energy.
Implementing intelligent solutions in district energy system helps you gain cost-effective predictive maintenance, improved reliability, increased uptime, and a longer system lifetime: 

  • Predict consumer behavior to improve the responsiveness and reliability of the district energy system
  • Reduce peak loads and avoid inefficient fossil fuels with dynamic demand response
  • Increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of assets with predictive maintenance


ENFOR’s district energy efficiency software now part of Leanheat® portfolio!

Our Danfoss Leanheat® solution combines cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency of district energy and buildings.

Now together with ENFOR, we can enhance the capabilities and accuracy of Leanheat® include data-driven temperature optimization, intelligent load forecasting and micro weather forecasting, which support district energy utilities and energy companies with their green transitions.

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We understand that every application is unique – that's why our team of specialists make it easy to tailor Danfoss Leanheat® solutions and services to your business needs. 

Contact us to learn more about the Danfoss Leanheat® suite of solutions – and harness the power of digitalization.


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