Swedish HSB Living Lab and Leanheat by Danfoss collaborate to improve liveability in buildings

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Swedish HSB Living Lab and Leanheat by Danfoss enter a collaboration to improve liveability in buildings. By harnessing feedback loops between building performance, indoor conditions and resident perceived indoor comfort, the project aims at bringing new insights on the interaction between smart maintenance and liveability.

Launched in June 2020, the new collaboration between the Swedish HSB Living Lab and Leanheat by Danfoss focuses on the optimal use of technology and data to drive more informed building maintenance and deliver better livability for residents.

“The HSB Living Lab is a user-centred building and a unique opportunity to foster data-driven solutions”, says Maria Gihlström, Sales Manager Sweden from Leanheat by Danfoss.

“In many residential buildings, there is no information available on actual, measured indoor conditions. With this collaboration, we use real-time data from apartments and the heating system to improve maintenance in the building”, she continues.

The data is collected from sensors located in individual apartments and the building control room. By using artificial intelligence to process it, the central heating can be controlled in an optimal manner depending on weather, ventilation and the residents’ occupancy patterns.

The project harnesses feedback loops between the building maintenance and the resident´s experience on indoor comfort. To evaluate indoor comfort, the project enables end-users to monitor their indoor conditions, such as humidity or temperature, and provide direct feedback to the building owner. Plus, the project also involves a calculation on the environmental impact of the residents´ heating consumption, aimed at increasing residential awareness.

From Summer 2020 to Summer 2021, the collaboration will create landscapes of high performing buildings that mobilize social sustainability insights. The final results of the collaboration will be released after Summer 2021.

“For us, collaboration is fundamental to find new innovative solutions for a more sustainable way of living. The cities that will achieve their carbon neutrality targets will be the healthiest, more sustainable and livable”, concludes Emma Sarin, General Manager from HSB Living Lab.

Read more about HSB Living Lab: https://www.hsb.se/hsblivinglab/ 

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