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Plan, visualize and optimize district energy systems to achieve improved and sustainable network operation

Leanheat® Network is a thermo-hydraulic modeling tool, developed specifically for use in district energy systems to support the planning, design, and operational processes. Using Leanheat® Network, the planning process for the district heating utilities will invariably result in a decrease of the cost for CapEx and OpEx.

To face the technical challenges as a result of the constant expansion of the heating networks and the new EU legislation, the district heating utilities need new tools and software that will allow for improved project planning and cost optimization.

  • Overall CapEx and OpEx decrease
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Ensure optimal and stable distribution


Design and operate your district energy distribution system optimally with Leanheat® Network

Effectively build and maintain district heating and cooling network models

Simulate hydraulic and thermal conditions in district heating and cooling networks

Optimize network supply temperatures and pressure conditions according to the actual demand needs. Lower your network losses, as well as production & pumping costs

Predict and understand future consumption on your network based on state-of-the-art AI, taking into account historical data and weather forecast

Plan optimal techno-economical production mix, optimizing production costs and increasing income from CHPs while still ensuring the quality of supply

Would you like to learn more about Leanheat® Network? Check out the brochure!

How it works

Leanheat® Network as a development support tool

  • Optimization of expansions, refurbishments, and new connections
  • Analysis of the impact of expansion, refurbishments, and new connections on the rest of the network
  • Development of contingency plans
  • Database of knowledge about network
  • The Leanheat® Network application suite consists of a basic UI interfacing to several different data sources that contain the required information to build models from GIS data and run online operations via SCADA.
  • The Leanheat® Network system is scalable, which allows for running as a stand-alone system for simple design setup; or running as a more advanced online system using a server to run the cyclic operations interfacing, for example to a SCADA system.
  • The hydraulic and thermal model: All network simulations are based on a model of the actual physical network. Leanheat® Network uses the following (multiple) elements for model creation: heat plant object, pipe object, including support for twin pipes, node object, pump and valve objects, including shut-off valves, accumulators, heat exchangers, shunts, and heaters. 

Leanheat® Network as an online operational support tool

  • Calculate optimal hydraulic parameters and apply them
  • Overview of the composition of production sources at any point in the network
  • What-if analysis for daily operating challenges and critical events
  • Overview of the temperature, flow, and pressure at any point in the network
  • Simulation of future conditions based on weather prognosis
    Planning of interventions with effective execution and quality of services


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