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When we talk about sustainability, much of the conversation is centered around resources. Water, oil, gas, iron — these raw materials are either central to our current problems, our future solutions, or both.

There is, however, one raw material above all others. Data. Because we can’t manage what we don’t measure — and, at Danfoss Digital Services, we make data work for you.

Danfoss Digital Services

Harness the power of digitalization

At Danfoss Digital Services, we are developing cutting-edge technology that accelerates the green transition. Our datadriven approach is optimizing energy use, eliminating food waste, and reducing carbon emissions — and we’re not stopping there. Data and connectivity can deliver the key emission reductions that we need. We are ready to help you decarbonize tomorrow.

Sustainability through digital innovation

Danfoss Digital Services is a dedicated business unit of software development specialists committed to sustainable solutions through digital innovation. Our approach is based on the existing expertise earned from our foundation solutions — Alsense and Leanheat.
Both solutions analyze data to provide real-time insights and genuine efficiency for our customers.

Alsense® Food Retail Services

Alsense® Food Retail Services — Less Waste. More Sense.

One third of all food produced today is lost or wasted. In fact, if food waste and loss was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas-emitting country in the world (UN FAO).

Alsense helps eliminate food waste and optimizes cooling efficiency for supermarkets and food retailers through intelligent data.

Alsense® customers


Leanheat® — For true energy optimization. From people to production.

Buildings account for a staggering 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. And in Europe alone, almost a third of residential heating comes from fossil fuels.

Leanheat empowers district energy networks to optimize the operational efficiency of buildings and increase the comfort of end-users through end-to-end software solutions.

Leanheat® customers

Talk to an expert today

Talk to an expert today

At Danfoss Digital Solutions, we make data dance. We love nothing more than crunching numbers and creating bespoke solutions to accelerate the green transition.
Achieving energy and resource optimization isn’t a solo project. It takes true collaboration, so if you have a problem that you think we could solve, please book a meeting with one of our experts today.

Case stories

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    Simply simple: District heating network monitoring and operation simplified St. Lambrecht, Austria

    The construction and operation of a district heating facility is a complex task: In particular, countless controllers, which are often also widely distributed throughout the network, must be monitored. Danfoss now makes this easy with Leanheat® Monitor. 

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    Optimizing the efficiency of district heating system in Altensteig, Germany

    Stadtwerke Altensteig (Baden-Wuerttemberg) is one of the first district heating network operators to use the brand new Leanheat® Monitor software that offers operators a complete package for the operation of their district heating network.

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    Leanheat makes buildings smart

    In Europe, 30 percent of all energy consumption goes to heat or cool buildings. Danfoss has the solution to lower energy usage and improve indoor climate by adding a digital element: Leanheat software.

Meet our people

Are you also a digital superhero?

Do riddles and puzzles get you out of bed in the morning? Do you eat data for breakfast and reorganize your house on weekends in search of ultimate efficiency? If you’re nodding to yourself, you just might be our next colleague at Danfoss Digital Services. Here, we build digital solutions that count — crunching data to help accelerate our customers’ green transition. Are you our next digital superhero? Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we have a cape that fits.

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    RETHINK Live
    1 January - 31 December, 2023, Webinars, On-demand webinars

    RETHINK Live is a global series of virtual events dedicated to uncovering new ways of doing things in HVACR. Take part in the global conversation to shift your perspective.

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    District energy - Let's unlock the grid
    5 September - 20 October, 2023, Webinars, Livestreams, On-demand webinars, Online

    City engineers are facing a dual crisis across climate and energy. To assist professionals like you, Danfoss is hosting a district energy live stream. The rapid progress of district energy comes with a host of flexible solutions, like small and large grids, and options to extend and enhance existing networks. If you are wondering what district energy means for your network operation or planned renovation, then join our live stream. Our experts will share their views and answer audience questions live. So, be sure to bring your questions and sign up today! 

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    Smart store ADC webinar series
    5 October - 9 November, 2023, Webinars, Livestreams, On-demand webinars, Online

    In our ADC webinar series, we invite you to enter a retail reality with us as we walk you through the solutions utilized in the Smart store – all solutions available today from case-control, sustainable refrigeration, HRU & comfort cooling integration, smart energy, and monitoring & management.


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    Danfoss highlights the role of district energy in decarbonizing our cities at the Euroheat and Power Congress 2023
    Monday, May 1, 2023

    Danfoss is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s Euroheat and Power Congress, taking place in Torino, Italy from May 22-24. The congress theme, “District Energy: The Local Solution to Global Challenges”, will focus on how district heating and cooling (DHC) networks can enable local energy transitions and help cities decarbonize.

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    Danfoss adds a new and data-driven dimension to district energy with the launch of groundbreaking substation technology in Danfoss Titan™
    Monday, March 6, 2023

    Building on Danfoss’ hardware domain knowledge, the autonomous TitanÔ substation boasts innovative digital twin technology enabling reliable cloud commissioning and continuous performance optimization—in an increasingly demanding sector. The smart substation complements Danfoss’ extensive district energy product portfolio enabling end-to-end optimization.

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    Danfoss at ISH 2023 - focus on accelerating the green transition with “Talk Green. Walk Green".
    Tuesday, February 14, 2023

    Danfoss is pleased to announce our participation at ISH 2023, taking place from March 13-17 in Frankfurt, Germany. The Danfoss team will showcase a broad range of energy-efficient solutions to empower the green transformation in the residential, commercial and district energy sectors. Our exhibition theme, ‘Talk Green. Walk Green.,’ underscores our shared journey towards decarbonization. Throughout ISH, we will demonstrate how we can use readily available technology, products and solutions to make the most of the energy we generate.  

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Partner with us

Partner with us

Partner with us

At Danfoss, we truly believe that the green transition will only be possible with genuine collaboration. Our Digital Services partners cover a wide range of industries and locations to ensure support for our customers where and when they need it, as well as broaden the reach and impact of our solutions.

We are always on the lookout for potential new partners in the following fields:

Technology — Help us build our next great solution at Danfoss Digital Services.
Potential partners: OEMs, independent software vendors

Knowledge — Help us innovate and investigate the latest technologies.
Potential partners: Universities, research institutions, industry groups

Commercial — Help us get our solutions to those who need them.
Potential partners: Digital wholesalers, software distributors

Service — Help us meet our customers’ needs — wherever, whenever.
Potential partners: Systems integrators, remote service providers, business consultants

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