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Our IoT cloud-based monitoring and management software Alsense brings you a new level of sense by offering scalable, digital, and expert-managed services through our secure, sustainable and future-proof portal for optimizing the performance of your food retail operations. Alsense IoT Cloud —a state-of-the-art solution based on the proven and secure Microsoft Azure platform.

How Alsense® creates value

How Alsense® helps Food Retail professionals

Whether you are responsible for your supermarket’s operational efficiency, asset performance or energy efficiency, you probably sometimes wish you had a sixth sense for knowing exactly how to prioritize your efforts. Not to mention the ability to seamlessly view data and deliver precise reporting.

Alsense® dedicated Hubs

Alsense® intelligent retail hubs offer a comprehensive approach to optimal performance, energy efficiency, and operational savings. Equipping you with a sixth sense to detect issues, ensuring compliance, and driving you towards the future of retail.

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During the demo session, our team of experts will guide you through a personalized tour of our innovative software. You will see how our solution can revolutionize your workflow, simplify complex tasks, and empower your team to achieve significant results.

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Alsense® is SaaS (software as a service) cloud solution. Alsense® IoT Food Retail connects supermarkets and their refrigerated assets through a modern cloud infrastructure — helping retailers avoid food loss & save energy or service providers to monitor several stores and their assets

Since Alsense® is a cloud-based SaaS service it cannot be installed on your local infrastructure. It runs in a Danfoss operated Microsoft Azure environment.

Alsense® and all our services are hosted on Microsoft Azure data centers. As one of the biggest public cloud providers Microsoft Azure is considered secure and resilient. Microsoft Azure complies with all relevant security standards.

Our services require a two way stable connection between Alsense® and the store, so that your onpremise controller can communicate with Alsense® and vise versa. Depending on the number of stores, which you want to monitor via Alsense® different solutions exist, however due to security reasons Danfoss recommends to use a VPN connection for this.

Our Alsense® Food Retail Digital Services are engineered to provide you with actionable insights for improving operational efficiency, asset performance and energy efficiency for your entire flet of stores, so that you spend less on energy and operational costs. Please find further details on each service offering here.

We offer the possibility for running trials/pilots, also with individual stores. Please contact, and our team will get back to you

Via our digital services you monitor the stores and their assets yourself via the Alsense® IoT platform Should you not want to do we can do that for you, further details can be found here.

Alsense® supports several controller types, also from other manufactures than Danfoss. Please reach out to us via specifying your request and we will provide you with further guidance.

Alsense Managed Services

  • Continuous commissioning ensures the highest level of alarm monitoring services.
  • Enables continuous high performance of store operations.
  • Ensures food safety without consuming excessive energy.
  • Sustained energy savings, reducing costs.
  • Identifies poor performing stores and provides recommendations to improve.
  • Covers refrigeration, HVAC, energy, lighting and other equipment — every day, all the time.
  • Our monitoring centers alert stores of critical alarms and can also perform remote repairs and dispatch technicians.
  • View your alarm status on an alarm dashboard around the clock.
  • Provides reliable support when you need it.
  • Immediate help in unforeseen situations.
  • Includes lighting overrides, programming changes, scheduled program pull-backs, and more.
  • Secure and optimize your return on investment by only permitting authorized access.
  • Protects against unauthorized changes to the front end or controllers during daily operation.
  • Temporary passwords can be issued for specific time periods and system functionalities.
  • Provides documentation of users and changes made for additional security.
  • Allows you to operate with optimum setpoints for refrigeration, HVAC and lighting at all times.
  • Service may overrule manual setpoints, restore all setpoints back to original settings or execute setpoint changes across groups of stores.
  • Enables high energy performance across stores.
  • Can schedule recurring jobs to enforce standards.
  • Take advantage of utility incentives by reducing electricity use during peak periods.
  • Helps support a “green” and responsible company image.
  • Reduce your energy bill.
  • Receive expert advice on load shedding and interacting with the energy grid.

Alsense Digital Services

  • Provides enterprise-wide insight into alarm performance, including currently active alarms, alerts sent, location maps, and more.

  • Helps identify stores with the highest volume of alarms relative to store conditions.

  • Streamlines effective relationship between service providers and contractors.

  • Providing insight into the connectivity status of controllers across the estate.

  • Highlighting financial risks associated with store operations across the estate.

  • Temperature data from all refrigerated assets is automatically collected and reported on.

  • Highlights potential for food loss or excessive energy consumption.

  • Customized reporting to fit your specific needs.

  • Overview of actual setpoint values compared to recommended values across the estate.

  • Track individual performance of certain assets, such as compressors or refrigerant levels, streamlining management and service needs.

  • Receive a quick overview of individual compressor utility.

  • Easily track running conditions of compressor packs.

  • Predicting compressor runtime failures allowing you to take action to mitigate future risk

  • Utilize real-time, continuous monitoring and analysis to increase overall energy efficiency.

  • Track energy consumption and cost performance across all stores in one dashboard.

  • Reports highlight key areas of consumption and anomalies to address.

  • Gain insight into current use against historical data to improve efficiency and save costs.

  • Utilize current and historical energy data to develop accurate energy models to create a baseline for ongoing performance measurement.

  • Helps identify outliers from expected energy consumption, helping streamline enterprise-wide energy efficiency.

  • Provides necessary documentation that cold rooms and cases operate under ideal temperature conditions, ensuring compliance with regulatory food safety standards.

  • Secure data storage ensuring all historical data to be kept accessible.

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    System manager, AK-SM 880A

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If you would like a demo of Alsense or just want to know more about our Alsense monitoring and management solution please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.