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Energy cost is one of the biggest expenses in the daily operation of your supermarkets. Therefore, retailers increasingly look to enhance the energy efficiency within the stores. But this is not the only way. Flexibility in energy demand – or smart grid integration – is also part of the Smart Store solution.

Flexibility in cooling demand, connection to district heating/cooling networks and use of surplus compressor capacity are some of the exciting new opportunities that can make your store an energy supplier, adding valuable capacity to the energy network and new revenue streams to your business.

From component to grid – your store is part of the solution

Supermarkets can play a significant role in smart and integrated energy systems. With only modest investments your supermarket can add valuable flexibility to the electricity network. With heat recovery and connection to the district energy network, your stores can even become energy suppliers providing heating to the local community that your store is part of.

From component to grid - Danfoss


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Highlighted products

  • Danfoss AK-SM system managers for intelligent food retail refrigeration
    System managers

    The system manager is the key component of the intelligent Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration system for food retail.

Case studies

  • The supermarket aktiv & irma in Oldenburg - Food Retail solutions
    A new shade of green for grocery stores

    The supermarket aktiv & irma in Oldenburg, Germany, has pressed the start-button to a solution enabling it to store and generate electricity. The grocery store’s manager calls it a leap forward in energy supply. Danfoss and SMA have helped make it happen. Learn how.

  • Giant Eagle Danfoss
    Danfoss helps transform supermarkets into smart stores for demand response

    With an IoT-enabled demand response program utilizing Danfoss controllers and system managers, supermarket chain Giant Eagle is able to enhance food safety, detect malfunctioning equipment and reduce costly energy waste.

  • Five Steps to Unlock the Cooling Potential of EU’s Clean Energy for All Package
    Five steps to unlock the cooling potential of EU’s clean energy for all package

    Five Steps to Unlock the Cooling Potential of EU’s Clean Energy for All Package

  • Smart energy systems impact on supermarkets
    Smart energy systems impact on supermarkets

    The energy agenda globally shifts towards reduced and zero emission scenarios and a substantial part of future energy supply will be based on renewables. To establish resiliency around a fundamentally unstable energy production flexible consumption and storage is necessary. This is smart energy systems.

  • Local residents stay warm thanks to supermarket’s cooling system Danfoss
    Local residents stay warm thanks to supermarket’s cooling system

    Local supermarkets can send their surplus heat to the district heating network and thereby heat private homes in the area and reduce CO2 emissions


  • What's new with CO₂ : New solutions and trainings for Food Retail applications
    What's new with CO₂ : New solutions and trainings for Food Retail applications
    Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    CO₂ is taking the Food Retail industry by storm and is shaking up how we do business. It offers an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to many refrigerants that are currently being phased out – if you have the right technology, tools, and know-how in place. That’s where we can help.

  • AK-PC 572 MiniPack – CO₂ made easy for small store formats
    AK-PC 572 MiniPack controller – CO₂ made easy for small store formats
    Monday, April 15, 2019

    It's not too long ago that we here at Danfoss stood up and boldly declared, "We love CO₂!" This proclamation contained all the passion, knowledge, and hard work that has gone into shifting the food retail industry from HFCs towards natural refrigerants. Our engineers have developed solutions that help make the refrigerant transition even easier for our customers – and now we’re ready to introduce one more.

  • Coolselector®2
    Coolselector®2: We did complex. You do awesome.
    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Coolselector®2 is essential software for engineers, consultants, and system designers who work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Using Coolselector®2, you can easily optimize energy consumption and increase efficiency in your HVACR system — simply run calculations based on your operating conditions and then choose the best component setup for your design.

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