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The brain of your Smart Store

The Danfoss System Manager is the key component of the intelligent ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration and HVAC systems for food retail. The System Manager is the brain of the system, coordinating data to and from the individual refrigeration and HVAC controllers, including temperature data for logging and alarms. The System Manager can be set up to optimize different functions such as suction pressure and coordinated defrosting, resulting in significant energy savings and optimum temperature control.

System Manager AK-SM 800A

The System Manager AK-SM 800A series is an enhancement of the global System Manager 800, built on a new powerful electronics platform with a focus on efficiency in setup and service while remaining its deep application coverage for food retail. Some of the highlights of the AK-SM 800A series include:

  • New electronics platform: Quad Core CPU providing extended memory, additional connectivity ports, and altogether a platform for future growth.
  • Deep application coverage created for food retail: Supporting the different applications seen around the world including both Centralized (Rack I/O) and De-Centralized (Pack, controls) applications.
  • Enhanced UI: New, yet familiar local Touch screen UI, supported by web browser interface for remote connection.
  • Secure operation: Secure Web communications (HTTPS), Secure software package downloads, Encrypted user administration.
  • Wi-Fi Access Point: Secure Wi-Fi access point to allow for easier connection (without disrupting corporate network).
  • Retro-fit ready: Backward compatible including EoL/legacy system control functions and a smooth upgrade path from SC255/SC355/SM800.
  • Additional data: Extended history capacity, and full EDF file library support.


With the AK-SM 800A Danfoss is implementing industry best practice for secure operations and maintenance of our customer's systems, including:

  • Encrypted web traffic (HTTPS)
  • Password management
  • E-mail encryption
  • User authorization
  • Network isolated WIFI with timeout
  • Backward compatible XML interface (now requires secure HTTPS connection)
  • Built-in firewalls
  • Continued security updates

Features and benefits

Supports full suite of Danfoss smart store controls

Proven built-in ADAP-KOOL® energy-saving functions

Powerful support tools to enhance setup and commission 

Secure operation; Implementing industry best practices for IT Security.

Supports refrigeration optimization with CALM (CO2 Adaptive Liquid Management)

Product range

  • AK-SM 800 Series Danfoss
    AK-SM 800 series

    System managers are system components for use together with controllers in ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration control systems. System managers enable the construction of complex control systems with alarm monitoring and data logging in connection with decentralized refrigeration plants.


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Brochure Smart Store Brochure German Multiple 20 Aug, 2020 3.7 MB .pdf
Brochure Smart Store Brochure English Multiple 04 May, 2020 17.2 MB .pdf


Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® software

Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® optimized systems provide the total store solution for our customers. Through its various tools it offers simulation, programming for setup, commissioning, log collection and presentation, handling alarms and daily monitoring of refrigeration plants.

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    AK-LM 350

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  • AK-LM 340A system manager
    AK-LM 340A

    AK-LM 340A is a complete monitoring unit with the option of regulation functions via relay switches, stepper valves, PWM outputs and voltage outputs. The monitoring unit is used to detect temperature, pressure and functions in and around appliance cases and cold rooms for commercial and industrial cooling. The monitoring unit is equipped with data communication and is operated via a PC.

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  • Evaporator and room control - Danfoss
    Evaporator and room control

    Danfoss offers a range of evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves or with electric expansion valves.

  • Compressor and condenser controllers - Danfoss
    Pack controllers

    Danfoss offers a range of compressor and condenser capacity controls for use in food retail, in compact systems as well as in large power packs.

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  • Case controls - Danfoss
    Case controls

    Your refrigeration system is the natural place to look for energy efficiency gains. To unlock that potential, you need a controller, expansion valve, and high accuracy sensors that are smart enough to make the technology work together—and a system manager that can help you see and control the bigger picture.

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    HVAC integration in supermarkets

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  • Smart store - Danfoss
    Smart store

    The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and smart control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications.

Case stories

  • The supermarket aktiv & irma in Oldenburg - Food Retail solutions
    A new shade of green for grocery stores

    The supermarket aktiv & irma in Oldenburg, Germany, has pressed the start-button to a solution enabling it to store and generate electricity. The grocery store’s manager calls it a leap forward in energy supply. Danfoss and SMA have helped make it happen. Learn how.

  • Giant Eagle Danfoss
    Danfoss helps transform supermarkets into smart stores for demand response

    With an IoT-enabled demand response program utilizing Danfoss controllers and system managers, supermarket chain Giant Eagle is able to enhance food safety, detect malfunctioning equipment and reduce costly energy waste.

  • Supermarket danfoss
    Engineering a cool supermarket with Danfoss technology

    As part of the luxury shopping mall Paseo La Galeria, Danfoss has supplied a refrigeration control system for the supermarket “Superseis”, including systems management for better energy efficiency in the food refrigeration application.

  • Retailer French Danfoss
    French retailer saves up to 46% on the energy bill

    By integrated control of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting, leading French retailer saved 46 % on the energy bill during nighttime and weekends, and 20 % during daytime. The integrated control system has now been implemented in more than 700 stores across France.

  • Danfoss products in 100% green Norwegian supermarket

    The REMA 1000 supermarket in Trondheim, Norway, stands out from most other grocery stores. It is 100% green and is equipped with an innovative solution from Danfoss that will help the store obtain energy savings of 30%.