Alsense IoT cloud and monitoring platform for HVAC-R

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Alsense Cloud Services

Our dynamic digital services are housed in our Alsense IoT Cloud, which is designed to meet all your technical needs. It offers reliable security, dynamic scalability, and ongoing sustainability. With the Alsense Cloud Platform, you can expect high service availability, a secure VPN connection, and seamless cloud integration.

Plus, our platform is powered by Microsoft Azure, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

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Features and benefits

Actionable Insights:  Rather than cluttered dashboards, Alsense delivers relevant, easy-to-digest insights. This means you can take corrective actions faster, significantly reducing time, food and energy waste.

Security and Availability:  With Alsense, you can easily expand to different regions due to higher serviceability. We’re talking up to 99.9% uptime! Not to mention that Alsense is powered by Microsoft Azure — adding security you can trust.

Performance and Stability:  With Alsense, you can easily expand to different regions due to higher serviceability. We’re talking up to 99.9% uptime! Not to mention that Alsense is powered by Microsoft Azure — adding security you can trust.

Intuitive Integration and Enhancements:  The new service platform on Microsoft Azure provides smoother service operation, faster reaction to alarms, reduced nuisance alarms and higher asset uptime.

alsense service

Alsense Food Retail services optimize your refrigeration assets

Alsense Food Retail helps supermarket owners and managers concentrate on improving sales and reducing food loss.

Alsense device

Benefits of the Alsense IoT Cloud

The Alsense IoT cloud and its services provide you with a seamless user experience and additional features for actionable insights that boost your business. Learn how our cloud services will give you instant benefits in terms of Improved performance and stability as well as increased security and availability right at your fingertips.



Through the application of Azure the Alsense infrastructure is compliant with ISO27001.

  • Covers all of the underlying infrastructure, but not for the Alsense platform itself.

Infrastructure Security

To keep track of hacking attaches and similar we have a security incident response program (DGIT).

Our Security Incident Response Program are setup as follows:

  • DGIT follows the events and informs the application team in case there is a specific security breach that we should be aware of.
  • Microsoft also keeps track of this and inform us through DGIT in case of that kind of events.
  • In case of a security breach, we will notify relevant customers.

Three different layers:

  1. Microsoft Azure Security Monitor
  2. DGIT Infrastructure Monitoring Team
  3. EC&S security board – Contacted through Nestor

Geo-redundancy in backup means that we have more than one back-up that is not located within 1500 km of each other. Microsoft takes care of our servers and therefore already have this in place. 

This part is taken care of by Microsoft. Could be explained based on information from Microsoft.

99% + Uptime provided through Microsoft. The exact uptime is subject to specific deployment with the customer.

Access Control

We have standardized roles for access and permissions directly in the platform. The number of roles can be customized according to customer requirements.

Alsense supports integration of 3rd parti active directory. In that case it will be the customers responsibility to take care of identity lifecycle management. For customers not integration with AD we have a setup to manage this, based on information from the customer.

We are tracking audit logs (but only stored for 48 hours). We have audit logs for login and out which can be stored for 6 months.

Protection of personal data

Data encryption

Yes, all data is encrypted, meaning that we are not revealing any of the customers’ refrigeration data.

Encryption standards/algorithms

  • API: TRS…
  • Data storage: AES-256

Alsense by the Numbers

Powered by Microsoft

What does it mean that the Alsense Cloud platform is powered by Microsoft Azure? Essentially, it means you can trust in the combined expertise of two industry experts — our relevant industry experience and Microsoft’s legacy of security, scalability and sustainability.

In short, our partnership with Microsoft makes your partnership with us a breeze.

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