Willhem AB and Danfoss AB takes the energy optimization in residential properties to the next level

Thursday, December 15, 2022

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN & HELSINKI, FINLAND – This heating season, European energy prices are expected to rise to record levels. One of the largest Swedish professional building owners, Willhem AB, has taken a proactive approach to cutting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Willhem has signed an agreement with Danfoss to implement the Leanheat Building software starting with 6,500 apartments. Going forward, Leanheat Building will be the digital way to optimize energy consumption across Willhem’s property portfolio.

Data is the raw material of sustainability

Willhem has set ambitious sustainability goals, with plans to reduce their overall energy consumption by 50% by 2030, using a 2015 baseline. Additionally, they have set targets to reach net-zero emissions in scope 1 and 2.

Danfoss Leanheat® Building is an artificial intelligence-based IoT solution that monitors, controls, and optimizes the indoor temperature and energy consumption. During the last heating season, Willhem worked closely with Danfoss on a pilot test, which demonstrated significant energy savings and more stable indoor climate, motivating the two companies to scale up the agreement to work together in more buildings.

The new possibilities within digitalization and AI will help us to optimize our heating systems and provide a better indoor climate for our tenants. This is an important step towards reaching our ambitious sustainability goals and to lower our energy consumption. We look forward to the cooperation with Danfoss in this exciting project.

Magnus Åkerskog, Willhem AB Property Development Manager

We are thrilled to be working with Willhem, one of the major players in the Swedish residential property market. When we combine ambitious sustainability goals with smart technology, the potential is exciting. Together we will move the mark forward for energy efficiency and digitalization in Scandinavia.

Natalie Schnippering, Danfoss Head of Digital Services

About Willhem AB

Willhem owns, develops, and manages rental residential properties in growth areas in Sweden. The company was founded in 2011 and is today one of the major owners of residential properties in Sweden, strongly focused on high levels of customer service and a secure living environment. Willhem is owned by the First Swedish National Pension Fund.

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