Dual-path solutions

Today’s machines get more done, more efficiently, thanks to advances in transmissions, pumps and motors. And Danfoss is leading the way in perfecting the dual-path solutions that bring them all together: delivering precision equipment control, less operator fatigue and greater productivity.

Danfoss offers solutions for virtually any dual-path machine — large or small. We offer them in software solutions developed as application blocks for our PLUS+1® GUIDE system. They’re customizable to meet your customers’ exact needs — including multiple-mode solutions that offer dual-path control ranging from aggressive to deliberate.

Programming using our PLUS+1® GUIDE system is straightforward and intuitive, making it fast and easy to give your machines the market advantage of exceptional operator dual-path control. And because our application library is continually updated with dual-path solutions created at Danfoss Application Development Centers worldwide, accessing our deep programming knowledge can be a tremendous time and cost savings when compared to developing those solutions yourself — resulting in a significant competitive advantage.