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Braking systems

Heavier vehicles. Smaller engines. Stricter stopping-distance regulations. They’re all challenges to heavy-equipment braking systems — and they’re all challenges that can be overcome with Danfoss solutions.

We begin by collaborating with you at one of our global Application Development Centers. Where we discuss your specific braking requirements and obtain all relevant engine braking capability information.

Our engineers then consider your machine’s available system architecture. For example, different components are utilized on machines with significant weight variances.

All of this data is analyzed to define the options available for you to achieve your braking goals. Once the best option is determined, Danfoss will assist you with testing your braking solution in real-world working environments. Helping to adjust the system as needed and verify its performance. Danfoss braking solutions involve the precise combination of hydrostatic circuit pumps and motors. Moreover, the engine, work function-related hydraulic elements and control systems to ensure your braking solution meets your requirements. Giving you a competitive edge.

Related products

  • Brake and motors combinations
    Brake and motors combinations

    Stand-alone spring applied, hydraulic release brakes provide safe stopping capabilities to many critical machine functions.

  • Brakes - stand alone
    Brakes – stand alone

    These stand-alone spring applied, hydraulic release brakes provide safe stopping capabilities to many critical machine functions.

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  • Automotive control solutions
    Automotive control solutions

    Automotive control technologies help increase machine controllability, regardless of operator skill level.

  • Best point control
    Best point control

    This unique solution works by constantly adjusting operating parameters of key drivetrain components to maintain optimal efficiency points. These include the diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic pumps and motors.

  • Dual path
    Dual Path

    Today’s machines get more done, more efficiently, thanks to advances in transmissions, pumps and motors. Danfoss is leading the way in perfecting the dual-path solutions that bring them all together. Delivering precision equipment control, less operator fatigue and greater productivity.

  • Propel application library
    Propel application library

    The Danfoss Propel Application Library (PAL) is a collection of function blocks for propel applications.

  • Total machine management
    Total machine management

    Our PLUS+1® platform delivers the software application development power you need — and doesn’t require specialized programming skills.

  • Traction control
    Traction control

    Danfoss has made advances in traction control an integral part of our mission to help engineer tomorrow.