Unleash productivity potential in food and beverage factories

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Serving success

Today, finding ways to cut energy consumption while increasing productivity is absolutely achievable. We help you to maximize efficiency in food and beverage operations, adapt successfully to changing consumer demands and perform at best-in-class standards. Look forward to lower OPEX, more uptime, and less resource waste throughout your operations.

Energy calculator

Quickly estimate your potential energy savings, CO2 emission reductions, and cost savings by using Danfoss Drives' intelligent solutions. Our energy calculator is here to help you rapidly estimate how fast your investment can pay for itself.

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Our energy calculator provides estimated savings. For a definitive answer, it is necessary to perform a more thorough assessment of your applications. Contact us to receive a more precise calculation.

How can you achieve more sustainable productivity?

To thrive in today’s world, you need a plant that can be scaled up time and time again – quickly and efficiently. Using drives that focus on sensor technology and predictive-based monitoring. That is why we have made sure our powerful, smart, and highly compact drives offer fast and seamless integration and can be adapted to your exact requirements – no matter your area of focus.

Enhance your technical performance

Boost efficiency, speed, and torque in your application, with ultra-compatible drives. These drives optimize any motor and speak the language of any PLC protocol. This means you can keep the motor you prefer or upgrade to a new motor technology, with no need to change out your drive.

Danfoss supports your system with:  

  • More uptime, using condition-based monitoring functionality 
  • High reliability and optimal TCO (total cost of ownership) 
  • Round-the-clock lifecycle service support
Bottling line at Brasserie Caulier that uses iC7-Automation

Pioneering bottling line at Brasserie Caulier

Brasserie Caulier now gets full benefit of its Legendre Conveyor systems with the new iC7-Automation drive.

Crisp carbon footprint

Achieve more sustainable productivity in your operations to reach climate targets. Decarbonize painlessly by using less water and power while boosting output and profitability.

Accelerate business

Accommodate decarbonization, while eliminating any comprise on profitability. With Danfoss you can minimize your spare-part inventory, reduce total cost of ownership, and look forward to rapid ROI.

Integrated motion control for wafer machines

Get servo-performance encoder-free with Integrated Motion Controller. For high-precision positioning and synchronization in a variable-speed drive.

Brown bottles on a bottling line

Together, we will accelerate your business

Watch our on-demand webinar on Sustainable Productivity in Food and Beverage to discover how you can gain a competitive edge by partnering with Danfoss Drives.

  • Reduce energy consumption and significantly reduce energy costs
  • Increase productivity with intelligent drives
  • Achieve greater efficiency and reliability
  • Minimize CO₂ emissions and resource waste
  • Reduce expensive downtime and maintenance cost