Drives for pumps in food and beverage applications

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Save on energy and water consumption with pump speed control

By reducing the average speed of the pump motor from 100% to 80%, you can save 50% on energy consumed. Reducing the average speed by 50% increases the savings to 80%. Implementing pump control with Danfoss drives can give you these energy savings, and also dramatically reduce water consumption in your operations.

For pumps, drives functionality such as the Cascade Controller distributes running hours evenly across all pumps. This keeps wear and tear on individual pumps to a minimum and ensures they continue to operate reliably. By optimizing the combustion efficiency of boilers, electricity and fuel consumption can be minimized. And the hydraulic performance of water-handling processes and the flow rate in feed water can be significantly improved by using AC drives.

Learn how drives reduce water consumption at Nestle Waters

The VLT® FlexConcept® was chosen to help Nestlé Waters fulfill their goal to optimize environmental sustainability and minimize energy consumption.


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