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Urbanization demands efficiency. Are our buildings ready?

The number of people choosing to live in cities in Southeast Asia is increasing at an impressive rate and this expanding urban population needs new places to live, work and shop.

Together with new government initiatives for sustainable building practices, this means that the demand for reliable, energy efficient solutions has never been higher. As a global leader in these technologies, Danfoss is perfectly positioned to help you make the most of these opportunities.

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Commercial buildings need to maintain a precise balance between dynamic growth and sustainable management. Whether it’s hotels, offices, supermarkets or other public spaces, building technology must adapt to market needs, regulations, and certificates – all while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for the people that use them.

Whether you need heating and cooling systems, building management systems, or elevator and escalator transport, Danfoss products and solutions can help you save considerable energy, reduce emissions, and lower costs.

Higher efficiency and lower operating costs for all types of building

Whether you’re building a hotel, an airport, hospital, home or office – or retrofitting one – you can benefit from our highly efficient and extremely reliable products and over 80 years of experience. We have solutions for everything from HVAC, refrigeration systems, hot water, escalators / elevators, baggage handling systems, and connected control systems.

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