Green restart

Green Restart

Learn how we can implement green solutions on a greater scale that will lead the sustainable transformation to limit climate change.

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    Electrification is the future

    Erno Tenhunen, marine director of Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division, speaks about the growth of electric vessels and the strong action needed from large regulators including the European Union (EU).

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    Energy system integration makes decarbonization cost-efficient

    This summer marked the European Commission’s release of the Fit for 55 package. This is a new set of proposals to overhaul of the EU’s entire energy and climate legislation and align it with the EU’s target to cut climate emissions by 55% by 2030.

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    One Year After EPBD: It’s time to accelerate smart building solutions

    One year after the deadline for implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), we are far from being on track for more efficient and smarter building stock.

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    How data is driving sustainability in food retail

    Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are helping food retailers to maintain the quality and safety of our food using the least amount of energy possible.

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    How we can build our way out of the crisis

    Buildings and the construction of them account for over one-third of final energy consumption throughout the world and nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Read more.

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    Buildings hold the untapped opportunity for a green restart

    The world as we know it has changed these past months, and we will and should not go back to where we were. Instead we need to build back better, with a way forward that combines economic stimulus with policies that take serious action on climate change. In doing so, there’s no avoiding buildings