Auto-guided steering system

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GPS steering

GPS steering

Your customers expect the technological capabilities to access satellite-based, automatic steering systems. They want to improve the precision, performance, and productivity of their off-highway equipment used in agricultural and construction applications.

Outstanding performance

To remain competitive in today’s agricultural equipment market, OEMs are offering satellite-based, automatic steering solutions. Danfoss is at the forefront of this technology. Our electrohydraulic steering components deliver outstanding performance. They are optimized to work with GPS, row, vision or laser sensors. In order to facilitate the high-tech farming necessary to feed our ever-growing population.

Danfoss electrohydraulic steering components (EHPS, EHi, OSPE and SASA link) interface with the receiver and user display using CAN bus. Our PVED CLS steering controller and SASA sensor work together. They provide dynamic variable steering ratios, boosting comfort and reducing operator fatigue. The PVED CLS also stores vehicle-specific parameters. These make it easier to move the receiver from machine to machine without additional setup.

Let Danfoss help you implement an auto-guided steering solution that provides incredible value for your customers. It includes reduced driver fatigue, greater fuel efficiency, increased operation speed, and the use of wider implements. It also has the ability to perform multiple functions with more precision and accuracy.

Auto-guidance benefits


  • SIL2 compliant solution
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Reduced installation costs and complexity


  • Fast and smooth transition between steering
  • modes during driving
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved comfort
Complete steering system solutions

Complete steering system solutions

A comprehensive Danfoss steering subsystem solutions overview, including great insights on key applications.

Related solutions

  • All-wheel steering
    All-wheel steering

    All-wheel steering is one example of how Danfoss is at the forefront of machine versatility. This helps customers getting the most out of their equipment. Electrohydraulic steering system enables operators to manually adjust the steering mode, allowing them to best match machine performance to the task at hand.

  • Joystick steering
    Joystick steering

    Danfoss continues to lead the way with advanced, electrohydraulic joystick steering solutions. These offer design flexibility for you, superior machine controllability and performance for your customers.

  • Quick steering
    Quick steering

    The ability to customize a machine’s steering ratio gives operators added precision while keeping them in ultimate control. At Danfoss, we call this dynamic steering ratio adjustment “quick steering.”

  • Steer-by-wire

    Our fail-safe steer-by-wire solutions allow you to remove the steering column. You can then replace it with smaller, precise steering mechanisms such as a joystick or mini-wheel.

Tools and apps

Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

A set of information and tools that will help you design and configure your electrohydraulic steering system with Danfoss.

Product range

Case stories

  • Sanitizing robot Rhyno Protect
    Danfoss helps control COVID-fighting robot

    A robot developed by French company Shark Robotics, is now spraying COVID-19 virus to death inside public and private buildings in Europe. The robot sanitizes several thousand square meters in a few hours – and you control it with Danfoss technology. 

  • Operator comfort and productivity
    Improving operator comfort and productivity

    At Danfoss, we’re partnering with our OEM customers and distributors to reinvent how operators interact with machines. This helps increasing productivity and comfort.


  • Steering for speed!
    Steering for speed!
    Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    Danfoss Power Solutions with a new interactive steering portfolio e-book to help further accelerate time-to-market for our customers.

  • New electrohydraulic Steering knowledge center
    New electrohydraulic Steering knowledge center
    Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    Danfoss Electrohydraulic Steering made easy. An online platform with free digital tools and resources to get faster configurations for your electrohydraulic steering system solutions.

  • Eric Alstöm presenting Danfoss and DPS to our new colleagues
    Danfoss acquires Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik to further invest in the steering of tomorrow
    Wednesday, December 19, 2018

    Today, Danfoss has signed an agreement to acquire privately held Hydraulik Nord Fluidtechnik, a well-established supplier of hydraulic steering solutions based in Parchim in Germany.