Auto-guided steering system

Outstanding performance

To remain competitive in today’s agricultural equipment market, OEMs are offering satellite-based, automatic steering solutions — Danfoss is at the forefront of this technology. Our electrohydraulic steering components deliver outstanding performance and are optimized to work with GPS, row, vision or laser sensors to facilitate the high-tech farming necessary to feed our ever-growing population.

Danfoss electrohydraulic steering components — including EHPS, EH, OSPE and SASA link — interface with the receiver and user display using CAN bus. Our PVED CLS steering controller and SASA sensor work together to provide dynamic variable steering ratios, boosting operator comfort and reducing fatigue. The PVED CLS also stores vehicle-specific parameters, making it easier to move the receiver from machine to machine without additional setup.

Let Danfoss help you implement an auto-guided steering solution that provides incredible value for your customers including reduced driver fatigue, greater fuel efficiency, increased operation speed, the use of wider implements, and the ability to perform multiple functions with more precision and accuracy.