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The advanced technologies in today’s machines allow customers to maximize efficiency. MultiAxis-Steer™ is the Danfoss all-wheel electrohydraulic steering subsystem solution that puts operators at the forefront of machine versatility, giving OEMs a solution that is easy to install.

Teach your machine new moves

The MultiAxis-Steer™ all-wheel steering sub-system is SIL2 compliant and allows independent control of the front and rear axles in a vehicle steering system. Optimizing safety, performance and operator comfort. Electrohydraulic maneuverability reduces the time spent aligning the vehicle into the correct position. This allows the operator to dynamically change steering behavior during operation with fast and smooth transition between steering modes during driving.

Our MultiAxis-Steer™ system utilizes an EHi steering valve with an integrated TÜV certified PVED-CLS controller to monitor and manage safe movements of the rear axle. Independent and compatible with all current front axles.

MultiAxis-Steer™ benefits


  • SIL2 compliant solution
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Reduced installation costs and complexity


  • Fast and smooth transition between steering modes during driving
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved comfort

Unleash the full maneuverability

By integrating the Danfoss MultiAxis-Steer™ solution in your machine, operators have a new way to control their machine. Sprayer operators, for example, can eliminate the tracks from the rear wheels, reducing the vehicle’s footprint to maximize crop yields. Wheel loader and telehandler operators can crab steer down a fence line to more efficiently feed livestock. In road building, all-wheel steering minimizes the number of passes required by compactor operators, reducing fuel use and emissions. As well as, increasing productivity and eliminating the need to purchase additional machines.

To find the right all-wheel steering solution for you, contact us for a visit at one of our global Application Development Centers. Using a variety of real-world testing conditions, our engineers will work with you. They will help to test, refine and implement the best all-wheel steering solution for your specific applications.

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Complete steering system solutions

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Product range

Case stories

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    Danfoss helps control COVID-fighting robot

    A robot developed by French company Shark Robotics, is now spraying COVID-19 virus to death inside public and private buildings in Europe. The robot sanitizes several thousand square meters in a few hours – and you control it with Danfoss technology. 

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    Improving operator comfort and productivity

    At Danfoss, we’re partnering with our OEM customers and distributors to reinvent how operators interact with machines. This helps increasing productivity and comfort.