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Connected systems are all about constantly providing an up-to-date status of technical building data. This data can then be used for analyses and possible improvements of the system to provide higher comfort or run more efficiently. As these connected systems can be accessed via the Internet, they also offer significant time and budget savings.

Danfoss offers a variety of connected systems and is focused on supporting the digital transition in buildings. We are constantly engineering additional systems and improving our existing systems.

Danfoss HVAC 4.0 solutions for smart buildings

This is where the HVAC transformation starts

Find out more about our smart, Building Management System (BMS) connected, HVAC solutions here:

Currently we offer connected systems in these areas:

Digital actuators for PICVs

The innovative actuator NovoCon® is specially designed for the integration of HVAC hydronic balancing and control with BACnet or Modbus operating Building Management Systems (BMS). It can replace BMS components and via the daisy-chain bus communication provides the BMS with up-to-date system data. Once external data access to the BMS is established, it allows remote commissioning of the system.

SCADA for Electronic controllers

The electronic controllers ECL 310 and Apex 20 can be remotely controlled by three different SCADA systems:

- Danfoss Energy Control System (DECS), a web-based solution for heating systems. It can be installed locally and will automatically configure its user interface and functionality to support the application in the controller

- OPC server, is compliant with most SCADA clients and allows quick connection and configuration of the ECL controller as a device in the system. It supports Modbus communication protocols as well as special read/write algorithms to increase the throughput to and from the controller.

- ECL Tool, a web-based software for service personnel to streamline system service and commissioning. It is connected to one or more ECL 310 controllers and allows remote monitoring and control from a PC or smartphone app.


Automatic energy meter reading

The energy consumption data collected by our wide range of Sono® ultrasonic energy meters for heating and cooling can be collected, analyzed and visualized by our Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) solution. Some of these meters can be configured via the SonoApp™. The SonoCollect™ data collector with wired or wireless M-Bus interface, can store data from up to 500 individual meters. If one or more collectors are connected to the Cloud-based SonoEnergy™ Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the data can be accessed remotely. The consumption data can be analyzed and ordered for further processes in other systems, e.g. billing solutions, energy advising solutions, optimization of grid, SCADA, BMS, etc.

Automated legionella control

MTCV thermal balancing valves equipped with the optional electronic disinfection module and TWA thermal actuators provide the basis for a fully automated Domestic Hot Water system. The system can be controlled by using the CCR2+ electronic controller. This controller can be remotely accessed via WiFi on mobile devices or be integrated in Building Management Systems (BMS). It results in a fully automated system for temperature monitoring and logging, disinfection sequences, alarms and more.

How we can help you

Increased system data insight

Remote access and control

Time saving

Increase energy efficiency

Contribution to smart building concepts

Rethinking efficiency in buildings with Danfoss solutions

There are technologies available proven to make our buildings and the systems within them more efficient. By optimizing the technical buildings systems - which control the heating, cooling and ventilation systems within our buildings, we can achieve 30% average energy savings.

Related products

  • ECL controllers- Danfoss
    ECL controllers

    Electronic controllers are intelligent temperature regulators. They can be adapted to a variety of district heating systems, ensuring high comfort level and optimum energy utilization.

  • Monitoring solutions- Danfoss
    Monitoring solutions

    Monitoring solution Danfoss Enspire enables remote monitoring, control and optimization of your district heating system in a reliable and stable way.

  • Energy meters- Danfoss
    Energy meters

    Danfoss Sono® ultrasonic energy meters can be used to identify what amount of heating or cooling energy a house, apartment or building has consumed. These compact meters include an energy calculator to read out the consumption. Danfoss offers meters for heating and cooling applications, for primary and secondary side installation.

  • Automatic meter reading (AMR)- Danfoss
    Automatic meter reading (AMR)

    Danfoss Sono® is not only about ultrasonic energy meters. To read out the measured energy consumption there are different options. The Automatic Meter Reading solutions simplify things a lot and can even establish a cloud-based smart metering solution.

  • AB-QM- Danfoss

    AB-QM Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICV) provide both a control functionality and dynamic balancing solution for HVAC heating and cooling systems. PICVs are designed for various types of terminal units and provide high indoor comfort and energy efficiency in public and commercial buildings.


Case studies

  • Danfoss contributes to smart HVAC control solution for I-tower at WTC Amsterdam
    Smart HVAC control solution for the I-tower at WTC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Building: Office
    Application: Climate panels with a four-pipe change-over system for Heating and Cooling
    Challenge: Establish a modern, innovative HVAC control system optimized for flexibility in (changing) usage of office space
    Solution: Integration of Danfoss field devices with the Building Management System via BACnet bus-communication

  • Katowice business centre, Poland
    HVAC control at Katowice business centre, Poland

    Katowice Business Centre is a modern office building where Danfoss hydronic balancing solutions are used; AB-QM balancing and control valves in combination with revolutionary NovoCon® actuators.


  • NovoCon® M, L and XL digital actuators
    NEW: NovoCon M, L and XL - Big news for fans of IoT solutions in smart building concepts
    Monday, August 3, 2020

    New NovoCon® M, L and XL digital actuators for AB-QM Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICV) complete the series of smart, digital, IoT actuators for hydronic HVAC applications.

  • New: Digital Design Center – one entry point for all design needs
    Friday, April 17, 2020

    Design engineers, specifiers and consultants are under a constant pressure when looking or the best solutions for their designs and customers. To simplify their work and save time, we have developed a new online platform – Digital Design Center.

  • NEW: AB-QM 4.0 Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valve (PICV) for smart buildings
    Friday, October 11, 2019

    Danfoss AB-QM 4.0 replaces AB-QM Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICVs)