Digital Hydronics™ in HVAC systems

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eBook Digital Hydronics™

eBook Digital Hydronics™

Expand your HVAC 4.0 know-how

Modular hydronic HVAC solutions for smart buildings

Digitalization of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems opens a world of possibilities. But no building is the same. Danfoss Digital Hydronics™ offer you modular solutions to cover all your digital HVAC 4.0 design needs. Designing hydronic heating and chilled water systems for HVAC in commercial buildings changes fast. To prepare our buildings for a green and sustainable future the focus is on energy efficiency and data needed to monitor the system’s performance.

What is Digital Hydronics?

The Danfoss digital hydronics solutions combine hydronic balancing and high accuracy temperature control with pressure independent control valves, remote access and data collection with digital actuators and the option to collect even more heating system or chilled water data by adding flow and temperature sensors to your hydronic systems. To ease the commissioning process a simple to use configuration tool is available as well.

Importance of balancing and control in buildings

  • Heating and cooling our buildings accounts for about 30% of the final energy consumption in the EU, over 70% of which comes from fossil fuels. The optimization of HVAC systems in buildings requires more than simply improving the efficiency of the heating or cooling generation equipment (e.g. heat pumps, gas boilers, chillers).
  • It is also vital to look at the hydronic system and how heating and/or cooling is distributed from the central generator to the terminal units such as fan coil units. EU legislation, including the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and Ecodesign, has put forward important provisions to optimize technical building systems. But these have not yet fully addressed market failures and therefore the potential of hydronic balancing remains largely unrealized.
Learn more about hydronic systems in the whitepaper

Related products

Tools and apps

Danfoss Digital Toolbox – Configuration tool

Danfoss Digital Toolbox – Configuration tool

With the configuration tool you get: Fast identification of faults with alarms, commissioning, diagnostic, and testing on site, of up to 64 valves at once.


Scalable for all hydronic HVAC applications

Whitepaper: Digital hydronics in air handling unit applications

Reconfiguring Air Handling Unit control for better performance.

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