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Minimize unexpected downtime and increase your efficiency with faster response

Danfoss offers fast troubleshooting and commissioning support from our experts via remote access to your drives. Our experts can quickly find the relevant data, analyze the problem, and decide on the best course of action. Issues can be quickly resolved, sometimes even without needing an on-site visit.

Reduce costs

You achieve more uptime with rapid identification and resolution of faults. Save on unnecessary costs by avoiding site visits for the purposes of information collection or AC drives configuration alone.

Fully secure

Only authorized devices can access your AC drives remotely and all information transferred over the Internet is strongly encrypted.

How it works

Features and benefits

Expert troubleshooting

  • Reduced unplanned downtime

Quick root cause analysis

  • Fast problem resolution

Access to accurate information

  • Fast response time

Remote information gathering

  • Save cost of unnecessary on-site visit


The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service uses an always-on data connection to your AC drives and continuously monitors information from them. It collects and logs operational data and fault histories, which can be a big aid to troubleshooting. It also stores details of AC drive parameters and settings, which can be used to semi-automate AC drive replacement. In addition, the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service continuously looks for fault flags. If it sees a flag, it automatically notifies you by email.

You can then contact the DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service for guidance in dealing with the issue. The DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service on its own does not monitor your AC drives — it is up to you to detect faults. Also, the DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service only connects to your AC drives while the Danfoss engineers are providing diagnostic support — there is no always-on connection.


Danfoss has implemented robust and extensive security measures for the DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service. The gateway device used to access the AC drives is invisible to anyone other than authorized users and access is only possible with high-security keys that are controlled solely by Danfoss. All data passing between the AC drives and Danfoss is strongly encrypted. Regular security updates are automatically installed on the gateways and the Danfoss servers, and overall system security is regularly audited.


That depends on your location. The operating hours are the same as those of your local Danfoss Support Center meaning if you are in a country where the center operates 24/7, the DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service will also be available 24/7.

There is no limit on the number of calls. No matter how many you make, you will still pay the same fee.


To keep budgeting simple, your local Danfoss Drives sales office will be pleased to provide you with a quotation. It is also worth knowing that the DrivePro® Remote Expert Support service can be combined with other elements of the DrivePro® Lifecycle portfolio, such as DrivePro® Start-up and DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance to put together an affordable package that matches your exact needs.


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