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Optimized machine performance

Many applications, from construction to agriculture, require working on steep grades or uneven surfaces. In these situations, preventing the vehicle engine from stalling while maintaining maximum power plays an important role. This in both optimizing machine performance and productivity.

That’s why Danfoss offers anti-stall solutions to automatically manage the power needs of the machine to prevent stalling.

For dual path vehicles, Danfoss anti-stall solutions can dynamically readjust how much power is being sent to each side of the machine. This is helping to better control vehicle direction, movement and speed.

Engineers at Danfoss Application Development Centers can help you test and implement the right anti-stall solutions. This by using a combination of motors, speed sensors, pressure transfer, and built-in software intelligence. This is ensuring you to get the most from your machine’s engine. By partnering with Danfoss, you can offer your customers machines with proven anti-stall solutions. These will make them more efficient and productive.

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