Precise steering mechanisms

Danfoss fail-safe steer-by-wire technology allows OEMs like you to remove the steering column and replace it with smaller, precise steering mechanisms such as a joystick or mini-wheel. This gives you added cab space and design flexibility to provide operators with improved visibility, better ergonomics and increased precision.

Steer-by-wire technology also allows for flexible operator stations, such as those used on asphalt compactors where the workstation is rotated 180˚.

Steer-by-wire controls process operator input into proper command signals, customizable for various levels of operator experience that result in maximum productivity from every operator. Inexperienced operators tend to make quick, exaggerated joystick movements — which with conventional controls, can cause stalling or result in erratic, non-productive machine behavior. Working with engineers at our global Application Development Centers, you can develop Steer-by-Wire controls that process novice operator input into proper command signals — so even too-fast, too-far steering movements deliver smoother, more productive results.

The loss of road feel caused by the absence of the steering column, which normally strongly influences the driver's directional intentions, is recreated by a feedback actuator. And with our modular product architecture, you get a system that’s scalable and will fit into a wide range of applications.

With fail-safe steer-by-wire technology, the safety approval process is made easier, too, because all Danfoss safe electrohydraulic steering systems are certified for functional safety. That means your vehicle can get to market faster, where it can successfully compete and do the work it was meant to do.