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Food quality from source to consumer with food service refrigeration

Food service refrigeration equipment ensures food quality from source to consumer.

Within the food service industry, there is a wide variety of refrigeration and freezing applications, all of which include the common goal of preserving materials throughout the food chain from early stage processing through final product storage.

Common performance characteristics exist across each of the applications and include high energy efficiency through accurate temperature control and high reliability. Other common characteristics include the desire for quiet, compact equipment.

Applications include Cold Rooms, Glass Door Merchandisers, Ice Cream Machines, Commercial Ice Making Machines, and Milk Cooling Tanks.

Danfoss offers a wide range of mechanical, electronic controls and compressors that meet the challenging demands of the industrial ice-making process.

Features and benefits

Superior temperature control

Stainless steel products for aggressive environments and the food & beverage industry

Reliable solutions enabling low operation and maintenance costs

Products suitable for use with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants

Long service life

Brochure - Danfoss solutions for food service

Food service refrigeration solutions to lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact

With a wide portfolio of modern and reliable components, Danfoss enables you to engineer energy efficient refrigeration systems suitable for all refrigerants. Read more about our range of refrigeration controls in this brochure.


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Case stories

  • Mother with child in supermarket's cooling section
    Danish supermarkets turned into heat suppliers

    A Danish supermarket fulfills 95 percent of its heating demand from its own cooling display cases. The chain has installed Danfoss heat recovery units and managed to halve its CO2 footprint in five years. Imagine if this was done in all supermarkets in the world.

  • R-290 danfoss components
    Danfoss R-290 components enable Delfield to meet customer and regulator demands

    The specific Danfoss components that Delfield used were the DCL filter drier, the TUB thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) for R-290, and the ERC electronic temperature controller. Each played a part in helping Delfield meet their goals.

  • Danfoss training addresses climate change
    Just add know-how: Danfoss training addresses climate change

    How can refrigeration professionals comply with the EU F-gas regulation? What technologies can be used to make the transition to compliant refrigerants? And how can professionals specify, install, service, and use these solutions? Innovation and new approaches require know-how, and Danfoss is offering extensive, user-centric content that builds know-how through training, education, and the sharing of knowledge with the company’s partners, customers, and other stakeholders such as policymakers on several platforms.

  • Hot gas defrost - the next step in commercial kitchen refrigeration
    Hot gas defrost - the next step in commercial kitchen refrigeration

    As authorities and customers focus on energy efficiency standards and ratings to understand not just what a commercial refrigeration unit costs to buy, but what it costs to operate, the refrigeration design engineer needs to look again at the fundamentals and consider new approaches.

  • Danfoss solutions keep beer cold without warming the planet
    Danfoss solutions keep beer cold without warming the planet

    Testing at the Danfoss Cooling Application Development Center (ADC) in Baltimore, US demonstrated how a refrigeration customer could remove 572 tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere every year and still ensure the delivery of cold beer.

  • New dispatch area cold room powered by optyma™ plus Danfoss
    Diaper Poultry invests in new dispatch area cold room powered by Optyma™ Plus

    Diaper Poultry are really pleased with the result. Compared to the old refrigeration solution, the new Optyma™ solution is only about a quarter of the size, it works much more quietly and at the same time it is just as efficient as the old system.

Related applications

  • Cold rooms - Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration
    Cold rooms

    Danfoss solutions for cold rooms help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption and therefore contribute to reducing food loss and waste.

  • Commercial ice making machines - Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration
    Commercial ice making machines

    Danfoss offers a wide range of parts for commercial ice making machines. Find ice maker compressors, valves, electronic controls and much more here.

  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers Danfoss
    Commercial refrigerators and freezers

    Reach-in cabinet designed to receive and store fresh, frozen or pre-cooled products. Typically a stainless steel, self-contained unit used in professional kitchens, bakeries, and laboratories.

  • Cases - Cold Rooms - Danfoss
    Display cases

    Accurate temperature and operation control of display cases and cold rooms are vital for high-quality and safe food products. Find your solution here.

  • Glass door merchandiser - Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration
    Glass door merchandisers

    Danfoss offers a wide variety of solutions for glass door merchandisers. Read more about our commercial glass door fridge components here.

  • Commercial ice cream machines - Danfoss solutions for commercial refrigeration
    Ice cream machines

    At Danfoss you will find a wide variety of solutions for the ice cream maker industry. Learn more about our commercial ice cream maker parts here.

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