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Danfoss BOCK® Compressors: Your solution for environmentally friendly cooling

Danfoss BOCK® compressors lead the way in global commercial and industrial refrigeration. From air conditioning to heating and cooling, our commitment to a greener future shines through. We've innovated efficient, reliable CO2 and low-GWP refrigerant compressors, ensuring functionality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

As for the semi-hermetic hydrocarbon compressors portfolio, BOCK® compressors are meeting F-Gas Regulations for long-term use.

Our mobile aluminum compressors make vital contributions to environmental protection, creating a comfortable climate in buses, trains, and transport cooling systems. We prioritize energy efficiency and environmental compatibility, focusing on emission-free heat pumps for vehicle heating. Our lightweight, robust compressors enhance overall system efficiency.

Deep dive into the product range to find the solution matching your application needs.

Compressors for mobile applications

Danfoss BOCK® mobile aluminum compressors are at the forefront of eco-friendly climate control. They play a vital role in creating a comfortable atmosphere in buses, trains, and transport cooling.

Today's air conditioning systems prioritize passenger comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental compatibility, focusing on emission-free heat pumps for vehicle heating.

Our compressors excel in these areas, being lightweight and robust, enhancing overall system efficiency. They offer features like efficient thermal management, the use of eco-friendly refrigerants (CO2 and low-GWP), and reliability. 

Product range - Mobile applications:

Compressors for stationary applications

The sustainable choice for all your HVAC-R needs with BOCK® semi-hermetic compressors from Danfoss. Our compressors lead the industry in commercial and industrial refrigeration, spanning air conditioning, heating, cooling, heat recovery, and heat pumps.

We are committed to a greener future, innovating efficient and reliable CO2 and low-GWP refrigerant compressors that combine functionality, economic efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Explore the features and benefits, including natural refrigerants, CO2 applications, ATEX HC models, versatility, efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Welcome to the sustainable world of Danfoss BOCK® compressors.

Product range - Stationary applications:


Compressor selection tools - VAP

The VAP tools are ideal for finding the appropriate compressors or units for stationary and mobile applications. By inputting the required refrigerating capacity and operating conditions, the tool will display compatible components right away. In the VAP tools you will also find additional details about the suggested compressors.


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    Art guardians: Climate's silent protectors

    The Suermondt-Ludwig Museum in Aachen needed to maintain a constant indoor temperature of and a relative humidity. In addition, it had to be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and utilize a climate-friendly refrigerant. The solution was transcritical CO2 chillers, each equipped with two Bock compressors using CO2 as the refrigerant. This project successfully combines art preservation with eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.

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    Going Green in tight spots: Natural Refrigerant Conversion

    Global Seas' Northern Defender trawler upgraded its refrigeration system with a compact CO2 solution for eco-friendly and cost-effective seafood chilling. The CO2 system's compactness, equipped with BOCK compressors and frequency converters, maximized efficiency and capacity within tight onboard spaces. This successful project has opened the door for more CO2 refrigeration systems on ships, providing space-saving, eco-friendly alternatives.

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    Hugo the compressor, our work horse

    Too fit to slow down. Still fit, with over 160,000 operating hours behind it: Hugo the compressor purrs like it did on the first day. Hugo is an HK2C type semi-hermetic compressor, built in 1955. It has one cylinder and runs at 1,450 revolutions per minute. It is named after Hugo Bock who, together with company founders Wilhelm Bock and Erich Etter, was managing the company when Hugo was built.

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    Harvesting heat from below: Groundwater's secret power

    Biel, a dedicated Energy City since 2008, employs an eco-friendly heating network that extracts heat from abundant groundwater. Using R1234ze, a low-impact refrigerant, heat pumps significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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    Winning the Cool Game with Eco-Friendly Ice Rinks in Beijing

    Innovation is our signature, as at the "Capital Indoor Stadium" in China with the first transcritical CO2 system in a Chinese ice arena. Bock compressors, renowned for their experience and reliability prepare a vast ice surface in just two hours. Just in time to set records, not just win medals, for exceptional ice quality in sporting events.

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    Pioneers: Field-testing the future

    BOCK upgraded their air-conditioning system using propane, increasing cooling efficiency for hot summers. The system also facilitated the development of the HG66e HC compressor, which is now in full production. Propane operates smoothly, even during hot summers, and offers individual temperature control for employees.

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