We are Danfoss Drives

We are Danfoss Drives

Since introducing the world to AC drives back in 1968, we’ve continued to lead the charge when it comes to bringing variable speed control to electric motors. Drawing on decades of passion and experience within a wide range of industries so we can deliver drives that work with any motor or system.

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Welcome efficiency. Welcome electric.

Our ambition is to help you achieve your electrification goals. Because together we can create a sustainable future powered by electricity. We want to make that transformation seamless and economical, by allowing you to embrace electrification and hybridization at scale without compromise. That way you can run fully optimized applications in fast charging, marine electrification, and Power-to-X that you can always rely on. To achieve this, we need to integrate renewables and clean energy into tomorrow's smart energy systems - powering green hydrogen, distributed grids, and marine vessels with hybrid and electric systems. 

Danfoss Drives overview

Danfoss Drives: a brief overview

From our first low-voltage drive to our most recent product launch, we’ve remained at the forefront of technological breakthroughs thanks to a healthy investment in people and R&D. Now, today, we’re proud to boast a portfolio that also includes servo drives, harmonics drives and medium-voltage drives – with an aim to deliver the kind of technology and digital solutions that will enable our customers to excel in an ever-changing world.

What’s new with drives?

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    Danfoss acquires 1500 VDC converter technology and team to extend electrification portfolio
    Wednesday, January 10, 2024

    Danfoss Drives are announcing the acquisition of the ACE300 product and the takeover of the product team from Finland-based company Ampner Oy, to extend the electrification portfolio with a dedicated 1500 VDC power converter. The product will be integrated within Danfoss Drives’ portfolio of Electrification Solutions with primary focus on Smart Grids and energy storage.

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    Their goodbye to plastic foam saves tons of CO2
    Friday, December 1, 2023

    More sustainable packaging: Danfoss’ factory in Gråsten turns to cardboard packaging instead of so-called expanded polystyrene.

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    Inspiring speeches and discussions at the Fossil Free Future program launch event
    Friday, November 10, 2023

    We hosted an inspiring launch event in Helsinki for the Fossil Free Future program. Together with 100 of our partners, customers, and stakeholders we discussed the themes of the better future.

How can Danfoss Drives improve your operations?

Events calendar

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    Meet us at EnergyWeek in Vaasa
    11 - 14 March, 2024, Conferences, Trade shows, Livestreams, Vaasa, Finland

    The annual EnergyWeek gathers energy enthusiasts from all over the world to share information, hear about the latest news and most interesting cases, extend their networks and do business. Energy Week focuses on renewable energies, smart energy, gas energy and energy storage. Topics of interest include digitalization, batteries and storage, circular economy, future smart cities, energy regulation, business and innovation.

    EnergyWeek takes place in Vaasa City Hall 11-14 March.

Danfoss Drives knowledge center

In our knowledge center, you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of your Danfoss Drives solution: sign up for a training course, read our take on relevant hot topics and stay ahead of the latest industry innovations.