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Want to get the most out of your power converter or AC drive solution so you can electrify your machinery with ease, experience full motor speed control, and more? Our knowledge center has everything you need to stay ahead: from updates on industry trends, innovations, and insights – including changes to local and regional regulations. You can also head to the archive for various articles, presentations, and our drives handbook.

Dive deeper into the world of AC drives

By packing our drives with sensors, we’re putting condition-based monitoring under the spotlight. Using data collected by the sensors, track the condition of your equipment every moment of the day and “predict” when future failures might occur. This will help you maximize uptime, optimize maintenance, improve management of your spare parts inventory, and more.

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Among our many innovations is an alternative to servo control. With Integrated Motion Controllers, we’ve made our AC drives capable of executing high-precision positioning and synchronization operations without the need for additional modules or hardware.

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One of many functions we include in our drives is droop function, whereby one motor controls speed and additional drives follow along and automatically share the load. This stops motors from being overloaded and, as a result, overheating – so your machines can perform better for longer.

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With our motor drive solution VLT® FlexMotion™ we’ve combined state-of-the-art motor technology with the industry’s most advanced drive system – so you can optimize your entire operation using only one platform. Enjoy maximum flexibility from a solution also designed to uphold the highest health and safety regulations, making it ideal for food and beverage production facilities.

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Designed specifically for HVAC systems, the EC+ concept allows you to choose each individual component so you can experience new levels of efficiency and performance compared to using an EC motor. By giving you the flexibility to combine the motor, drive and fan regardless of brand, you’ll also gain more control over your systems.

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