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Installer support on the go

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Essential HVACR Videos

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Refrigerants in the HVACR industry

Refrigerants in the HVACR industry

Get a complete overview of the refrigerants landscape, and learn about the various regulations and their impact on the industry.



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    Danfoss, Google, Microsoft and Schneider Electric join forces in new Innovation Hub to accelerate green transition of data centers
    Thursday, September 28, 2023

    Danfoss, Google, Microsoft and Schneider Electric are the founders of a new innovation hub in Fredericia, Denmark, that will bring together the data center sector across Europe to find concrete solutions to accelerate the green transition. The Hub is open to other partners across Europe.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss Turbocor® TGS380 compressor; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss Turbocor® TGS380 compressor } else { Danfoss Turbocor® TGS380 compressor }
    Danfoss offers high capacity, oil-free compressors designed for comfort cooling, extreme ambient climates, and data centers
    Monday, September 18, 2023

    Danfoss has expanded its oil-free Turbocor® portfolio to include the TGS380 and TTS450 models, offering a high-capacity, energy-efficient solution for use in comfort cooling, intensive ambient environments, and data center applications.

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    Danfoss to showcase natural- and synthetic refrigerant-based solutions at Busworld 2023
    Wednesday, September 6, 2023

    Danfoss is pleased to announce its participation in Busworld 2023, taking place at the Brussels Expo on October 7-12, 2023. This will be the first time the company will exhibit at the trade show since acquiring BOCK GmbH in March 2023. Danfoss representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate the entire line of BOCK mobile CO2 and low-GWP compressors – including the CO2 StarCO2mpressor with its innovative 'star' drive design – as well as the corresponding components for an efficient thermal management of buses.

Case stories

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    Danfoss ensures a smoother operation for a purification plant in Italy

    eco center AG has replaced its current shell-and-tube technology with spiral heat exchangers from Danfoss. Clogging and weekly cleaning of the heat exchangers is now history - with a return of investment in just one year.

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    The perfect draft beer thanks to the bellow from Danfoss

    Annually, Danfoss manufactures 16 million bellows. Most of them go into the iconic Danfoss radiator thermostat. But did you know that bellows are also utilized to ensure freshly tapped beer and the perfect draft beer? Read the article with one of our bellow OEM customers, Jesper Gram, the CEO at DraftMore.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { 3* resort reduces hot water wait times with MTCV; } else if (isBigColumns) { 3* resort reduces hot water wait times with MTCV } else { 3* resort reduces hot water wait times with MTCV }
    3* resort reduces hot water wait times with MTCV

    Building: Hotel/resort 
    Application: Renovating the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system to stabilize water temperatures 
    Challenge: Reduce hot water wait times and improve energy efficiency 
    Solution: Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valves (MTCV) were installed on DHW branches for hydronic balancing.

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    Turbocor Compressor Performance Validates Oil-Free Advantages

    In early 2022, one of the compressors needed to be retired after 18 years of operation and was immediately replaced with a refurbished TT300 compressor.  An analysis of the TT300 showed that the key mechanical components, such as the magnetic bearings and impellers, are in very good condition, even after running in such demanding conditions. This validates one of the key Turbocor value propositions of no mechanical wear during the compressor’s entire operational life.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Ringsted District Heating Company (DHC); } else if (isBigColumns) { Ringsted District Heating Company (DHC) } else { Ringsted District Heating Company (DHC) }
    97% Renewable Ringsted DHC’s heat recovery kickstarts a new era of greener district heating

    Ringsted District Heating Company (DHC)—a large district heating utility in Denmark—has reduced its reliance on fossil fuels by 97% after Unicool installed an innovative heat recovery system using Geoclima heat pumps built with Danfoss Turbocor® oil-free compressor technology.

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    4* resort increases guest ratings and saves on heat pump energy costs

    Building: Hotel/resort 
    Application: Heat pump system for comfort cooling via fan coil units 
    Challenge: Increase guest comfort and save on energy costs 
    Solution: The hydronic HVAC system for cooling was equipped with AB-QM 4.0 PICV valves for dynamic hydronic balancing and control via TWA-Q thermal actuators 

Danfoss Learning for Climate Solutions

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