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Engineering tomorrow’s IGBT power modules 

For over three decades, Danfoss has been helping top-tier manufacturers and system suppliers meet stringent reliability, design and cost targets by developing customized IGBT power modules for tomorrow's e-mobility, energy and industrial applications.

Our winning technologies

Technology and innovation are more than just buzzwords. Being a market leader in packaging of power semiconductors, we have developed a second-to-none portfolio of tried and tested packaging technologies that address the most challenging aspects of advanced power electronics:


  • Reduces the semiconductor area for a more cost-effective solution
  • Increases power density and thermal robustness
  • Improved lifetime and reliability


About Danfoss Bond Buffer®

Increase power density without derating the current - while actually improving reliability and prolonging the lifetime of the module. Danfoss Bond Buffer® is a breakthrough in bonding and joining technology that helps you raise the bar for system performance. Our patented DBB® concept is based on an innovative combination of copper wire bonding and sintered die attach that replaces traditional solder joints.
DBB® technology enables power cycling capabilities that are 15 times higher than those seen in aluminum wire bonded power modules. This permits an operation at higher junction temperatures without the need for current derating. This increased power cycling capability makes it possible to optimize the dimensioning of the semiconductor area to increase the cost-effectiveness of the solution.


  • Reduces the semiconductor area needed to achieve the desired output
  • Enables highest power density on the market
  • Eliminates the need for thermal interface material
  • Low differential pressure-drop
  • Homogeneous cooling
  • Increases system lifetime 
  • More efficient than standard cooling 


About ShowerPower® 

Smart and efficient thermal management is an essential part of the Danfoss technology portfolio allowing us to deliver higher system performance. Offering highly efficient direct liquid cooling, our patented ShowerPower® concept utilizes several meandering cooling channels to guide the coolant along the baseplate. This design improves thermal performance by creating a swirl effect in the cooling channels. This means that the coolant is constantly brought into contact with the surface that requires cooling. The concept almost doubles the effective heat transfer coefficient, to enable much higher current carrying capability.


  • Superior mechanical robustness 
  • Stable at higher operation temperatures and temperature cycles
  • Increased power density
  • Protected against humidity
  • Longer lifetime


About transfer molding

Multiple applications such as electric drivetrains operating under demanding conditions benefit from our unique transfer molded packaging design. Sealed and protected against vibrations and humidity, the inverter provides stable and reliable performance - even when subjected to mechanical shocks and damp environments. Transfer molding in combination with our bond buffer technology allows for more extreme temperature cycling and higher junction temperatures to increase power density.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored solutions means that you can maintain a competitive edge by having the flexibility to move with your customers’ changing demands. It also means trusting your suppliers to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it and at the right cost-level. In Danfoss, we focus solely on creating solutions that are uniquely tailored to your application.


Are your ambitions also being limited by the capabilities of standard components?

To beat the competition, you know that you need to think differently. And here, the choice is yours: design the application around a standard power module or design your power module to fit your application. Customized power module solutions are for engineers determined to take advantage of the latest technological opportunities to reach top performance targets. 

In Danfoss, we work with a customized mindset based on a philosophy of dialogue and freedom. It allows us to give you a flexibility never before seen in the world of power modules. Our highly skilled experts help you to custom tailor a solution that perfectly matches your system requirements on all essential parameters.

By selecting the best fitting chips from a competitive supplier base and by carefully selecting the power module components, package and electrical configuration, we are able to use the power semiconductors to their full potential. In this way, we are able to drive down the overall cost of the IGBT power module.

We realize that customized power modules are not for everyone. But for many, an individually designed power module is the path to achieve demanding cost and performance targets at system level. Also, it is through customization that the technologies truly come to their right. The award will pay off in cost-effectiveness on system level, especially for high-volume manufacturing.

Choose your chip
– we’re fully compatible

Our power modules are semiconductor independent and compatible with any type of
chip from any manufacturer that you choose to partner with.

As a company, Danfoss is truly chip and component independent. We are technologically and commercially independent of any specific semiconductor supplier. We do not want to tie ourselves, or you, to one single supplier.

Our flexibility represents a significant freedom to choose the optimum solution. Each component is selected to meet your specific requirements, from the density and type of semiconductors to the material of the base plate. That gives us complete freedom to choose the best performing solution regardless of the application.

Not being tied to a particular chip manufacturer, Danfoss can accommodate both your first choice and your back-up provider in case of supply shortage. This flexibility allows you to use a mix of semiconductors, enhancing module performance while ensuring maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and supply security.

Quality that lasts

To ensure you receive components of only the highest level of quality, our entire manufacturing process up to the electronic and testing processes takes place under clean room conditions. Our state-of-the-art production equipment automatically packages modules directly from the semiconductor on wafer to the final electric test. Our certified processes are your assurance for consistent high quality and streamlined path from development to volume manufacturing.

Power modules from Danfoss Silicon power are manufactured on automated assembly lines. Our 35,000 m² research, development and production facility is certified according to:

The certifications enable us to quickly transfer development projects to high volume production that can be integrated seamlessly into the system supplier or OEM's supply chain with full focus on quality.

Your power module benefits

Customized to your exact needs

Tried, tested and patented technologies for higher performance

Reduced semiconductor surface by maximizing the potential of Si enabling cost-effective solutions

Supply security through chip independency

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