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When it comes to high-pressure applications, the Aeroquip four and six spiral hoses are the superior choice. These hoses are designed to handle even higher working pressures and temperatures, offering greater durability and a longer life expectancy due to their technical and chemical innovations. Aeroquip products are proven to exceed expected life cycles, giving customers the assurance of less downtime and fewer replacements, resulting in long-term cost savings. With the Aeroquip four and six spiral hoses, customers can trust in the highest level of quality and performance, making them ideal for industries that require a reliable and durable solution for their demanding applications. Choose Aeroquip for your high-pressure hose needs and experience the difference in quality.

Product range

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    Aeroquip EC600 X-Flex Spiral Hose

    Danfoss offers the Aeroquip EC600 X-Flex® Spiral Hose, a reliable solution engineered for exceptional flexibility, designed to support applications that require easier and more cost-efficient hose installation for high-pressure applications. The EC600 spiral hose not only enables the creation of more compact and fuel-efficient machines, but also features 8X higher abrasion resistance with Danfoss Dura-Tuff® cover. Tested up to 1 million impulse cycles with Danfoss 1W fittings in our main sizes, this hose maximizes machine uptime and lowers maintenance costs in demanding applications. Its compatibility with both skive and non-skive.

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    Aeroquip EC850 Dynamax four/six wire spiral hose

    Introducing the EC850 spiral hose, your ultimate solution for high-pressure demands. Engineered for the latest pump technologies, it undergoes rigorous testing up to 500 bar, boasting an exceptional 3 million impulse cycles in sizes -10 and -12—six times longer than the industry standard. With a burst pressure of 2,000 bar and 19% better bend radius, it offers superior performance and 8X higher abrasion resistance with Danfoss Dura-Tuff® cover. Compatible with Danfoss Global non-skive one-piece 1W fittings, this hose takes hydraulic systems to new heights, ideal for high-pressure applications, offering extended machine uptime and simplified assembly, all with better sealing and leak-free operations.

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    Aeroquip® premium speciality hoses

    Discover Danfoss premium speciality hoses for high- and low-temperature applications, with superior durability and versatility. Reduce inventory with Aeroquip's AQP hose, and choose from suction hoses with better temperature resistance and hydraulic hoses with maximum abrasion resistance.


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