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Danfoss’ spiral hoses and fittings offer a reliable solution for high-pressure, high-impulse, and high-performance applications. Designed for powerful equipment and heavy machinery, our hoses feature four or six layers of spiral wire reinforcement for durable and long-lasting performance under the toughest working conditions. Our standard models meet R12, R13, and R15 standards, while our premium models exceed these standards. We also offer extra-flexible, high-temperature, and low-temperature solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Choose Danfoss for high-quality spiral hoses and fittings that provide reliable and leak-proof performance even in extreme pressure applications.

Product range

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    Spiral fittings

    Danfoss offers 4S/6S non-skive and 1W series internal skive spiral-hose fittings with Dura-Seal™ technology for leak-free performance and Dura-Kote™ corrosion-resistant plating for up to 1,000 hours of protection and are system-engineered to extend hose assembly life. Back-up hexes, slip-over nuts, and non-brazed nipples protect against failure and make assembly easy. The patented Dura-Seal™ technology eliminates hose assembly cool-down leakage, while the Dura-Kote™ plating offers superior corrosion resistance, decreasing the likelihood of leaking and reducing equipment downtime. Danfoss’ MatchMate spiral-hose/fitting identification system program provides error free selection. Choose Danfoss components for your entire hose assembly to ensure Class zero leakage SAE J1176 on approved hose styles for higher safety and environmental protection.

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    Spiral assemblies

    Danfoss offers a wide range of system-engineered braided assemblies that are designed to meet the demands of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. These four and six wire spiral hose assemblies provide exceptional durability, reliable leak-free performance, and excellent resistance to corrosion. With comprehensive assembly sets that include all the necessary components for peak efficiency, Danfoss hose assemblies are ideal for transfer applications such hydrostatic systems. 

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    Spiral hoses​

    For applications that require even higher pressure, Danfoss has the perfect solution with our range of four and six wire spiral high-pressure hoses. Our hoses go beyond industry standards and are designed to provide exceptional performance. Our portfolio includes models that cater to low- or high-temperature, high-abrasion, and suction applications, ensuring that we have the ideal solution for your hydraulic needs. With our two-tier strategy, customers can choose between premium Aeroquip and standard Winner brands, while our Americas premium brand, Weatherhead, offers top-of-the-line quality and performance. For the best four and six wire spiral high-pressure hoses for your hydraulic applications, trust Danfoss.


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