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Our 4S/6S non-skive, spiral-hose fittings use Dura-Seal™ technology to provide leak-free performance and Dura-Kote™ corrosion resistant plating to provide up to 1,000 hours of protection. Our 1w internal skive fittings extend assembly life in even the toughest, highest-pressure applications. Design features such as back-up hexes, slip-over nuts, and non-brazed nipples protect against failure and make assembly easy.  

  • DURA-KOTE PLATING-Superior corrosion resistance
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN-our multi-bended fittings up to 1 m length can withstand 500-bar pressure
  • SYSTEM ENGINEERED-Extend hose assembly life


Dura-seal technology

Class " 0 " leakage protection. This patent-pending innovation from Danfoss eliminates hose assembly cool-down leakage, while extending hose assembly life, reducing equipment down-time.

Dura-Kote plating advantage

Danfoss hose fittings now come with Dura-Kote plating, which gives you up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance. Dura-Kote is an innovative plating technology offers more corrosive protection for longer life, lower replacement costs, and improved appearance. This corrosion protection decreases the likelihood of leaking, which means less equipment downtime and greater productivity. Plus, there are no compatibility issues with Dura-Kote plating. The Danfoss hose fittings you rely on today will look, feel, and perform exactly the same.

  • Same form and functional capabilities
  • Same torque values and pressure ratings
  • Same silver appearance
  • Same procedures for assembly

Corrosion spreads- choose your components wisely! In a 650-hour salt spray test, Danfoss’ family of components showed no corrosion migration in comparison to an assembly that combined an Danfoss fitting with competitor components. This test illustrates why it is so important to choose Danfoss components for your entire hose assembly.


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