Actuators for globe valves

The Danfoss electrical actuators for combination with our control vales provide a new level of convenience through excellent control performance and quality features. The actuators provide risk reduction trough improved overload protection, which ensures trouble-free operation of the actuator inside the system.

The motorized control valves ensure stable and accurate control of water. This in turn improves temperature control, leading to enhanced comfort for the end-user. Good control ratios and rapid response times to changes in domestic hot water supply requirements are just some of the features needed to ensure optimum control performance.

Actuator features:

  • Anti-oscillation
  • Control ratio
  • Stroke limitation
  • Split characteristics
  • Modification of controls characteristic (65X actuators)

Features and benefits

Easy selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance mean less time, money and effort

Built-in thermic and overload protection of the electromotor

External LED visualization and signaling save time and effort during installation and commissioning of MCVs