Superheat controller and stepper motor valve drivers

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Reliable and effective superheat controllers

If you want precise control of superheat in your air conditioning system choose a reliable and effective superheat controller from Danfoss. Our controllers will help you achieve high energy efficiency and reliable operation at all times.

The superheat controllers are easy to install, compact, lightweight and work with all common refrigerants.

View the 3D models:

Our controllers enable total cost savings and high energy efficiency for all air conditioning applications.

Danfoss superheat controller collection - Brochure

The superheat controller collection

Save on energy and maintenance costs while enhancing system reliability. Danfoss expert EKE superheat controls are designed to help OEMs develop more efficient chillers faster to reduce development and operational costs.

Features and benefits

Precise regulation of superheat to the lowest possible level

Optimum charge of the evaporator

Easy installation and reliable operation

Compact and lightweight design

Long service life

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP function) is available

Safety features and alarm indications

 ETS Colibri® - Danfoss

Superior system efficiency

Best-in-class superheat management combined with highly performing electric expansion valves will bring you high system efficiency and reliability. 

Product range

Watch how to install and configure the EKE 100 superheat controllers and valve drivers


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    Danfoss releases long-lasting, reliable backup power module for electronic stepper motor valves
    Monday, July 13, 2020

    Danfoss has just released its EKE 2U backup power module for applications such as chillers, heat pumps, cold room, CRAC, and food retail—making it easier than ever to protect the compressor in the event of a power outage.