Electronic temperature control

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Complete system

Danfoss offers a complete system for monitoring and optimizing any commercial refrigeration solution, such as for instance glass door merchandisers, air dryers, cold rooms, trucks and trailers.

In the wide range of Danfoss electronic controls you will find:

  • Refrigeration temperature controls
  • Compressor and condenser controls
  • Speed control of compressors, condensers and fans
  • Evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves
  • Evaporator controls with electronically operated expansion valves programmable controls
  • System management units

Features and benefits

Great reliability proved through millions of installations all over the world

Electronic controls for almost any commercial refrigeration application

One-stop-shopping, all you need from one supplier

New Electronic Controls Catalogue

Check Out Our New Electronic Controls Catalogue!

With an easy overview of features and code numbers, you can now find the right solutions faster in our electronic controls catalogue for commercial refrigeration.

New CO₂ Product Catalogue

Explore Our New CO₂ Product Catalogue!

We have collected all our products and solutions for CO2 and equipped each with a unique code number for easy reference, you can now explore our CO2 solutions effortlessly.

Product range

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