Pumped CO₂ solutions

Danfoss presents the pumped CO2 solution

By investing in a CO2 secondary cooling system today, you protect yourself from ever-increasing energy prices over the next 10-15 years!

Research has shown that an average installation of a refrigeration system using CO2 as a fluid is no more expensive than a system installed using a water-based brine/glycol.

For an experienced installation com­pany it can be cheaper to do a 500 kW refrigeration installation for cold storage using CO2 than a water-based secondary cooling system. Examples have shown that savings on the instal­lation can be up to 12% by using a CO2 based refrigeration system.

Danfoss offers a wide range of valves and controls for both ammonia and CO2 in secondary cooling and cascade applications, including award-winning ICF Control Solution and ICM Control Valves, and also new unique control solutions for pumped CO2 with AKV Electronic Expansion valves.


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