Wheel loaders

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Our components and subsystem solutions optimize value – for wheel loader manufacturers, owners and operators.


What if you could offer wheel loader customers improved controllability and a smoother drive with better fuel efficiency? With the Danfoss hydrostatic wheel loader transmission, you can. Maximum uptime and boost your customers bottom line.

  • Continuously variable drive – uninterrupted power throughout the operating range of the vehicle
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improved tractive effort throughout the performance range
  • Improved vehicle noise level
  • Potential to operate engine at point of maximum efficiency

Work function

Working with Danfoss to integrate our dedicated wheel loader work function solutions can achieve the best work function solutions for your specific needs.

  • Optimized productivity
    Maximize engine power utilization
  • Improve operator experience and comfort
  • Increase operator effectiveness – productive work site regardless of operator expertise

Advancing technology integration

  • Electric or hybrid drivelines leading to more intelligent management of power distribution
  • Autonomous, driverless, or “self-driving” vehicle solutions and functions

Thermal management

Many wheel loader applications involve extreme temperatures and dusty, corrosive or debris-filled environments. Danfoss fan drive solutions, featuring S45 pumps and our reverse displacement motor with integrated shift valve, reducing the complexity of your fan drive solutions while maximizing the productivity of your loader in all environments.

  • Reduce installation complexity
  • Eliminate leak points
  • Consistent, robust performance in abusive environments
  • Maximize cooling, minimize power demand


We are your trusted, expert partner as a market and portfolio leader of steering products and solutions. Improve end customer experience and improve your time to market with Danfoss steering solutions.

  • Enhance operator comfort – regardless of steering type
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a diverse solution offering
  • Reduce operator fatigue with conventional and e-steering solutions tailored for wheel loader demands
  • Be at ease with pre-certified e-steering solutions
Construction sites

Construction sites

We deliver the components, software, and controls that enable your machines to run safely, efficiently and effectively at the construction sites. 

Addressing your challenges

Addressing your challenges

Your machines can help make the world a better place - and Danfoss engineers can use their systems knowledge and expertise to help make your machines strong competitors in the marketplace.

Application development centers

Application development centers

Application development centers

The journey to help build a better tomorrow begins at the Danfoss Application Development Centers (ADCs).

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