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Precise control of your sprayer

Whether it is a trailed or self-propelled sprayer, the demand for precise monitoring and control is high.  Efficient applying of nutrients and protectants for improved crop yield and minimum cost is needed. Danfoss pressure sensors are a vital component in a sprayer. For both the precise dispense of fluid and the self-propelled sprayer, our pressure sensors are an important component. This is in our highly advanced 1 pump-4 motor propel solution. With the electro-hydraulic steering products created for four-wheel steering and auto-guidance, Danfoss is the world leading supplier of systems and components. These ensures precise control of your sprayer.

Related products

  • Closed circuit axial piston motors
    Closed circuit axial piston motors
    We offer motor ranges with fixed, 2-position and continuously variable displacement controls, including the zero degree option.
  • Aluminum gear motors including fan drives
    Aluminum gear motors including fan drives
    Our aluminum gear motors including fan drives are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. From small to medium and large off-highway vehicles.
  • Cast iron gear motors including fan drives
    Cast iron gear motors including fan drives
    Specifically designed for demanding mobile equipment applications where maximum performance is required at peak power levels and operating temperatures, our cast iron gear motors including fan drives ensure great productivity and excellent fuel efficiency, along with reduced vehicle emissions.
  • H1P closed circuit axial piston pumps
    H1P closed circuit axial piston pumps
    The Danfoss H1P is part of Danfoss’ H1 family. It has not only pioneered the closed-circuit variable displacement axial piston pumps but also the whole mobile hydraulic industry. Based on our company’s decades of experience, the H1P will provide you with highest quality and standards. As well as best-in-class, innovative, and efficient technology.
  • Aluminum gear pumps from Danfoss
    Aluminum gear pumps
    Our gear pumps are robust and reliable. They are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. From small to medium and large off-highway vehicles, as well as for industrial applications.

Related applications

  • Agricultural Dispensing System - Danfoss
    Agricultural dispensing system
    Agricultural sprayers needs to monitor the pressure and dispensed volume of fertilizer, mounting a pressure transmitter and a solenoid valve in the circuit.
  • Danfoss hydraulic sensors for brake light
    Brake light
    Brake lights serve an important function as they warn the driver behind that your vehicle is slowing down. Off-road vehicles driving on public roads must be equipped with a brake light system according to the road rules.
  • Danfoss hydraulic sensors for exhaust gas recycling
    Exhaust gas recycling
    The recirculation of exhaust gas reduces emissions, helping you comply with Tier IV regulations. Danfoss temperature sensors help your system quickly react to temperature changes and are suitable for a wide temperature range.
  • Hydraulic Cooling System - Danfoss
    Hydraulic cooling system
    Reliable cooling is essential to ensure the safe and reliable operation of any hydraulic system. With a Danfoss temperature sensor, you can control hydraulic oil temperature, reducing downtime and equipment wear.

Related solutions

  • All-wheel steering
    All-wheel steering
    All-wheel steering is one example of how Danfoss is at the forefront of machine versatility. This helps customers getting the most out of their equipment. Electrohydraulic steering system enables operators to manually adjust the steering mode, allowing them to best match machine performance to the task at hand.
  • Auto-guided steering system
    Auto-guided steering system
    To remain competitive in today’s agricultural equipment market, OEMs are offering satellite-based, automatic steering solutions.