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Smart solutions for the sawmill industry

The demand for wood is accelerating. Every piece of wood counts in the race for sustainable and climate-friendly materials and solutions.

For sawmills, high uptime, high efficiency, and reduced wood waste are more important than ever.

Water mist holds the key to optimized productivity throughout the process - from sawblade lubrication and dust suppression to lumber drying.

For decades, Danfoss has supported the sawmill industry with high-pressure water mist solutions. At present, our cost-effective NWC power packs run in hundreds of sawmills across the globe.

We continue to offer smart solutions that secure full utilization of the valuable forest resources and maximize profitability of the sawmill operations.

Features and benefits


High reliability, less downtime

High productivity

Less scrap

Consistent, high quality wood

Improved work environment

Animation of the most effective dust suppression

Learn how high-pressure water mist cleans the air effectively for dust.

Wood industry

Benefits of high-pressure water mist

High-pressure water mist provides the answers for a competitive solution in a range of sawmill applications

Sawmill doubles capacity

By adding a few components and using the existing Danfoss pump, the overall kiln capacity was doubled.

Danfoss NWC all-in-one power pack for the sawmill industry

The NWC is a proven power-pack optimized for the sawmill industry. The compact, all-in-one unit provides a constant flow of high-pressure water.

The positive displacement pump at the heart of the unit offers simple control of the water flow via the power-pack valve. The self-contained power-pack with few components provides high reliability and low service needs. The pump is lubricated by water only to avoid oil contamination.

NWC comes with an integrated tank for buffer supplies. Get more information about the NWC by contacting your local sales manager: 

NWC product features: NWC offers easy installation and service:
  • Market leading efficiency rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Flow control via power-pack valve or via variable speed drive (optional)
  • No corrosion
  • Oil-free – no risk of oil contamination
  • Compact footprint
  • Few wear parts – few spare parts
  • Long service intervals
  • Long lifetime (in most cases 20,000 hrs.)

Pump animation

Our high-pressure pump is the core component of our NWC. Learn how the pump works.

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