Solenoid valves for high-pressure applications

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Reliable flow direction control

The VDH/VDHT solenoid valve is used to control the flow direction in high-pressure water applications. The solenoid valve is pilot operated On/Off seat valve electrically activated by a coil and is available for a wide range of flows and pressures.

The valves are used in several applications: car wash systems, stationary high pressure cleaning, mobile cleaning vehicles and dust bindings systems, fire fighting water mist systems etc.

The VDHT valve series are designed for several applications in neutral media compatible with the sealing and O-ring materials used. Typical media are water, cleaning fluids and light heating oil.

Features and benefits

Corrosion resistant

Easy to install and maintain

High reliability

High degree of enclosure, IP67

Hotel chooses Danfoss technology for fire fighting system

High-pressure components allow the hotel to build a water mist fire fighting system requiring less space, less maintenance and high reliability.

Product range

Related products

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    High-pressure pumps for ultra pure water applications

    High-pressure pumps for ultra-pure water applications i.e. with de-ionized, de-mineralized or distilled water. Appropriate for critical applications such as high-pressure cleaning and humidification. Available with or without motor.

Case stories

Danfoss valves keep sweet potatoes fresh

Valves from Danfoss secure reliable storage facilities. Farmers can store the potatoes longer and thus increase profitability.

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