VCM and VCH check valves for high-pressure applications

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Optimized for use in sea- and tapwater applications

Both the VCM and VCH check valves are designed for Danfoss high-pressure pumps. The VCM is optimized for use in seawater and the VCH for use in tap water and ultra-pure water. The function of the non-return valves are to allow flow in one direction while protecting the pump from pressure returning to the pump outlet.

The non-return valves are either produced in stainless steel AISI 304 or Duplex/Super Duplex to ensure high quality and reliability. Both valves are available in different sizes to cover our broad range of pumps.

Features and benefits

Corrosion resistant

Designed for high-pressure

High reliability

Hotel chooses Danfoss technology for fire fighting system

High-pressure components allow the hotel to build a water mist fire fighting system requiring less space, less maintenance and high reliability.

Product range

  • VCM frit Danfoss
    VCM check valve (seawater)

    Flow range: 0-90 m3/hr, 396 gpm

    Pressure range: 0.5-80 barg,  7.3-1,160 psig

  • VCH check valve (tapwater) Danfoss
    VCH check valve (tapwater)

    Flow range: 0-120 l/min, 0-31.7 gpm

    Pressure range: 2.5-300 barg, 36.3-4,351 psig

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