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Industrial Engines for Marine and Mobile hydraulic applications

Danfoss is a quality manufacture of pressure and temperature controls for Industrial engine applications. Our extensive know-how is built into our advanced and dedicated products for industrial engines, designed for the extreme conditions and long-time stability.

Our range of high-performing pressure and temperature sensors for industrial diesel engines covers a wide range of engine applications from construction equipment, engines for agriculture and forestry applications to the bigger marine engines for large cargo and passenger ships, as well as engines for fast and conventional ferries.

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Features and benefits

Robust and reliable - Product packaging of the MEMS sensor and electronics allows for vibration resistance, thermal management properties and protection against moisture ingress.

Compliant - The DST P100 meets strict off-highway and maritime EMI/EMC and environmental standards.

Forward-looking - The diagnostic capabilities with this sensor will benefit OEMs today — saving on troubleshooting costs — and well into the future, as more products integrate electronic features.

Scalable - The new electronics platform enables OEMs to fine-tune the sensor performance specific to their engine applications.

Thoroughly tested - A “test-to-failure” method is an important part of the Danfoss product development process, providing increased product specification and insight into product design. This method also allows for faster optimization and testing, improving time-to-market.

Flexible - Already available in various configurations and designed for customization.

DST P100 for Industrial Engine and Mobile Hydraulic applications

Engine & transmission pressure sensor offers improved reliability, durability and performance.


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Related products

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    High temperature sensors, MBT 5111, MBT 5113, MBT 5114, and MBT 5116 for exhaust gas marine applications

    The MBT 51xxx program is a heavy-duty temperature sensor portfolio that can be used for measuring and regulating exhaust gas from diesel engines, turbines, and compressors within stationary and marine applications.

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    Flexible temperature sensor, MBT 3270

    The flexible temperature sensor MBT 3270 can be used in many industrial and cooling applications such as: air compressors, hydraulics as well as cooling systems. In other words, applications where robustness, size, and performance matters.  

  • if (isSmallPicture) { MBS 9200 pressure transmitter - Danfoss; } else if (isBigColumns) { MBS 9200 pressure transmitter - Danfoss } else { MBS 9200 pressure transmitter - Danfoss }
    MBS 9200 milibar pressure transmitter for general purpose applications

    MBS 9200 is designed for use in general purpose applications where low pressure are measured in the milibar range.

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    DST P100 smart sensor pressure transmitter for Industrial engine and mobile hydraulic applications

    The DST P100 pressure transmitter is designed to provide unrivaled reliability, durability, performance, and not least, digital possibilities in the industrial engine and mobile hydraulic markets.

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    DST P150 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications

    The DST P150 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications comes with an EC79/2009 approval and is built with a robust, stainless steel, welded design — meeting highest quality standards. The hermetically sealed design provides excellent media compatibility and making it ready for today’s hydrogen and future fuels.


Danfoss new sensor program enables new software and programmable features which allows us to adapt fast and easy to your application needs. See Dennis Carstensen explaining these features.

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