DST P150 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications

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Pressure sensor for hydrogen applications with improved performance, reliability and self-diagnostics

The DST P150 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications comes with an EC79/2009 approval and is built with a robust, stainless steel, welded design — meeting highest quality standards. The hermetically sealed design provides excellent media compatibility and making it ready for today’s hydrogen and future fuels.

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Get the strong, reliable characteristics of an oil filled sensing element based on the MEMS technology at a cost-effective price point. The physical properties of an oil filled sensing element provide a superior dynamic range leading to scalable accuracy over temperature and outstanding overpressure capabilities.


Features and benefits

Tailored performance

The sensor provides improved accuracy across the temperatures range, allowing a more efficient application control.

Rugged and reliable

The DST P150 is protected by a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housing and is designed to resist extreme vibration, temperature change, and electrical interference. All wetted parts in media contact have been changed to 316L to support the highest performance in hydrogen applications.

Thoroughly tested

A “test-to-failure” method is an important part of the Danfoss product development process, providing increased product specification and insight into product design. Based on our strong DST P1xx design we have extended the platform with our DST P150 to meet the EC79/2009 approval.


The DST P150's onboard diagnostics (optional) can be used to communicate internal failure modes to the controller - helping to rapidly identify the root cause of a problem and save troubleshooting costs.

Scalable and customizable

The new electronics platform allows many performance specifications to be finetuned for application requirements.


The DST P150 meets strict EMI/EMC standards.


Already available in various configurations and designed for customization to specify the sensor to your application needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Danfoss contact for more details.


The DST P150 pressure sensor for is designed with focus on:

Hydrogen powered combustion engines

Designed for sustainable drive solutions for agriculture, construction and other types of off-road machinery.

Fuell cells

For converting energy in primary and backup power for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and vehicles, including tractors, harvesters, excavators, and other off-road vehicles.

Electrolyzer OEMs

In residential and other types of buildings that use hydrogen production systems.

Other industries

With other hydrogen applications fit up to 50 bar possible.


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Brochure DST P150 pressure sensor, improved performance, reliability and self-diagnostics English Multiple 30 Apr, 2024 495.9 KB .pdf
Statement of Compliance KIWA P000319632EC79-15 - Ext.00 English Multiple 08 May, 2024 152.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet Pressure Transmitter, Type DST P150 English Multiple 05 Apr, 2024 786.0 KB .pdf


CE marked

RoHS compliant

EC79/2009 Declaration

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