Get on target in Power-to-X

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Get on target in Power-to-X

Get on target in Power-to-X

Trust Danfoss solutions to get your business on target for a decarbonized economy
Danfoss technology is a proven approach for reliable systems. We supply a range of products to support your electrolyzer offering.

Electrification of energy consuming sectors plays a vital role as the world is getting to work on a decarbonization of the economy

As a world leader in electrification as well as in heating and cooling solutions, we here at Danfoss are always thinking holistically on topics such as Power-to-X. Coupled with state-of-the-art co-development facilities and an inherent engineering mindset, our employees are always eager to share their knowledge to find the best solution to the challenge at hand. With a core focus on energy efficiency and system effectiveness, Danfoss is ideally placed as your expert partner in Power-to-X, both technically and commercially.

Recognized world-wide as a reliable supplier Danfoss adheres to the highest international standards in production and development quality.

Trust Danfoss solutions to get your business on target for a decarbonized economy. 


Enabling you to deliver the most sustainable Green Hydrogen

Danfoss will provide you a grid friendly, approved solution with impressive energy efficiency.

Low harmonics and a high power factor ensure that you have a competitive power supply for your electrolyzer at hand. Long experience in power conversion combined with a leading position in the world, Danfoss is your ideal partner for your investment in the hydrogen market. Take advantage of our experience to ensure that your system is scalable and economically viable.

Among the key applications in Power-to-X are electrolyzers - handling the process where electricity is used to split water molecules to produce hydrogen and oxygen. In its pure form, hydrogen can be used to replace fossil fuels in some industries. To e-fuel even more heavy industry, the hydrogen can be synthesized into e-methanol, e-ammonia or e-diesel. By converting to these sustainable energy sources, we can reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


Sustainability a core Danfoss value
Sustainability is etched into the Danfoss DNA:

Technological excellence

Danfoss helps you stay on target from the start. With huge investments involved, and CO2 target deadline to meet, there isn’t much room for experimentation, and failure is not an option. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right solutions from the beginning. Danfoss technology has been developed and refined to deliver future-proof, guaranteed performance with many added features to lower risk and ensure a stable operation. You can trust that with Danfoss solutions you can be sure that you have made the right choice from the beginning with better total economy and peace of mind for operational excellence of your electrolysis plant.

Helping you succeed beyond the electrolyzer

Your eletrolyzer must be highly energy efficient in every aspect. This applies to the power conversion to match your stacks, the pumps that supply your water, the heat exchangers that recover your excess heat and your valves and sensors that control it all. Danfoss can help you with the big picture

Ask our Drives experts on Power-to-X

Ask our experts

If you're interested in learning more about Power-to-X and how our solutions could help in your projects, reach out to our experts. Helge Vandel Jensen, our Director Business Development in Electrification, is ready to help. 

Smart grid conversion

Let us take care of your power supply. Power conversion is a complex task. At Danfoss we support OEMs and system integrators with certified intelligent power conversion solutions based on intelligent low-voltage drives, saving time, cost and effort in testing and certification.

Heat exchangers

We design our heat exchangers in close cooperation with our customers to perfectly match the thermal requirements of any duty. Throughout the years we have developed what has become the largest plate portfolio in the world. Having an option for every application and duty enables us to fine-tune each solution to the specific task at hand.

-          Microplate heat exchanger (MPHE), HEX up to 55 bar for ammonia and CO2.

Support for your pioneering projects

Tap into a wealth of expert application know-how from Danfoss professionals. The Centers of Excellence and Application Development Centers are ready to help you in engineering very specialized or demanding installations, no matter where in the world you are located.


Ensuring your choice today is also the right one tomorrow.

Reliability testing the effect of environment on a product or component takes into account its whole lifetime. This testing is vital both in the development of existing and new products.

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