Marine, oil and gas

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Marine, oil and gas

The marine, oil and gas industry faces some of the harshest working environments. At Danfoss, we are committed to improving efficiency, safety and reliability while reducing cost of ownership of your applications. Danfoss offers a large range of solutions for the marine, oil and gas industry. With the addition of the D1 pump to our High Power Open Circuit portfolio, we are able to provide more options for your toughest applications. The D1 pump can be paired with our High Flow PVG 128/256 valves and other Danfoss products to meet the needs of your hydraulic system. 

Pipe handling system

Power catwalk: Precise control of pipe handling with our PVG 128/256 valves on the pipe deck improves productivity and processing time. Our electric PVE actuators allow for automation and the remote control improves operation safety by eliminating the need for physical intervention by the rig crew. D1 high flow open circuit pumps are a perfect fit in the hydraulic power unit, supplying hydraulic flow and power to transfer pipe from the pipe deck to the drill floor. 

Pipe-handling system: The Danfoss PVG 32 valves with electric PVE actuators allow for simple and precise automation of pipe handling systems, improving operation safety. The PVE fault-monitoring system alerts when the valve detects improper operation, immediately notifying of any potential problem and preventing unexpected behavior. Either Series 45 or D1 open circuit pumps can be used for the hydraulic power unit supply for small to large systems.

Control house (Driller's cabin):  Easy operator interface can be achieved with the Danfoss range of PLUS+1® controls, including modular joysticks from the JS-1 family, rugged DP700 displays, PLUS+1® Connect to send data back to headquarters, and our PLUS+1® SC dual-processor microcontrollers with piggy-back processor for redundant control in a total electric control system package. All of Danfoss’ products are PLUS+1® Compliant. Danfoss’ PLUS+1® Platform provides preprogrammed and tested blocks, which allows all products in your hydraulic system to work more effectively together and reduce programming time while increasing system flexibility. 

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