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Concrete Pump

With the increasing need for more infrastructure, construction projects are consistently becoming more complex, which require machines that can perform with maximum efficiency and safety. Danfoss offers a large range of solutions for construction equipment, even in some of the most demanding conditions. With the addition of the D1 pump to our Open Circuit portfolio, we are able to provide more options for the toughest construction applications. The D1 pump can be paired with PVG valves and other Danfoss products to meet the needs of your machine. 

Concrete pump systems

Boom system- raising and positioning/slewing: Precise and safe boom positioning are essential when working near buildings where spaces are tight and people are working. Use D1 pumps paired with PVG valves to provide flow to the different work functions of the machine, such as raising the boom or slewing for positioning. Limit pump torque consumption by using mechanical torque control or maximize engine and pump capacity using the new electric displacement control, both offered with the D1 pump.

Pump system: Use D1 pumps to provide flow to the hydraulic drive cylinders with displacements of up to 260cc and flow ratings of up to 160 gpm. The D1 pump features full through-drive capability to stack multiple pumps in the system. 

Cooling: Meet your cooling demands with the Series 45 pump's fan drive control and Reverse displacement motors

Electronic solutions: Easy operator interface can be achieved with the Danfoss range of PLUS+1® controls, including modular joysticks from the JS-1 family, rugged DP700 displays, PLUS+1® Connect to send data back to headquarters, and our PLUS+1® SC dual-processor microcontrollers with piggy-back processor for redundant control in a total electric control system package. All of Danfoss’ products are PLUS+1® Compliant. Danfoss’ PLUS+1® Platform provides preprogrammed and tested blocks, which allows all products in your hydraulic system to work more effectively together and reduce programming time while increasing system flexibility. 

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