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A ferry and cruise ship with "100% electric" and "zero emissions" written above them

Welcome efficiency. Welcome electric.

Maritime transport emits more than 900 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Electrification is the way forward for short sea and inland shipping in harbors, rivers, and fjords. In transitioning vessels from diesel to pure electric power, the future holds great potential to operate shorter routes by electric ferries: in Europe alone, around 900 ferries operate on shorter routes — all with a potential to be electrified for zero-emission transport.

A row of wind turbines and various ships

It's time to electrify marine

To meet the changing demands from regulators, customers, and operators on how we power the vessels of tomorrow, the marine industry requires a new level of flexibility. At the same time, it's vital that we don't compromise the speed and efficiency of today's solutions. This means looking towards electrification of vessels on the path towards a sustainable future.

Our ambition is to help you achieve your marine electrification goals. Because together we can create a sustainable future powered by electricity. We want to make that transformation seamless and economical, by allowing you to embrace electrification at scale without compromise. That way you can run fully optimized applications that you can always rely on. To achieve this, we also need to integrate renewables and clean energy into tomorrow's smart energy systems powering marine vessels. 

Our approach

At Danfoss Drives, we provide flexible power converters and drives with high power density to run all hybridized and electrified applications. We are a leading component provider across various marine applications. And with an independent and original approach to systems, we enable you to design the best system possible with low complexity. From hybridization to shaft generators and shore supply, we tailor the solution to your specific needs, so you get a plug-and-play system with maximum performance and reliability.

Many vessel types from small shuttle ferries to huge aircraft carriers benefit from converting to fully electric or hybrid technology for cleaner, more efficient performance. The benefits are clear business drivers:

  • Improved vessel performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower operating costs due to lower fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Improved long-term efficiency of the power supply system

Acting as partners

Danfoss provides key components and system design to optimize the functionality of electric vessels, typically short sea or inland waterway vessels. Drives and power converters from Danfoss control the flow of energy between batteries, motors, chargers and power in the cabin. Electric motors ensure that propulsion is silent and efficient, and they are also powered by Danfoss drives. Charging from onshore is controlled by a Danfoss grid converter, and a DC/DC converter manages the batteries. Even the crane hydraulics are run by a drive, so they can be powered by the batteries.

Apart from the high-performance drives, there’s another reason to choose Danfoss: we freely share our knowledge and act as partners.

At our Marine Competence Center in Holmestrand, Norway you can boost your application competence in grid converters, DC/DC converters, generators, commissioning, troubleshooting, and more. In-person or on-demand training is available.

The world's first fully electric boat, Astrid Helene

Full design freedom to say: Goodbye CO2. Hello zero emissions.

How do we put our design approach to work? We give the customer full design freedom then share our knowledge and work flexibly to engineer a solution to fit their needs exactly. A good example is the Astrid Helene workboat. This is one of the world’s first fully electric workboats, designed and built by Grovfjord Mekanske Verksted, Norway. With no engine noise, no diesel fumes, zero emission, and exceptional maneuverability, it reduces emissions on site at the Northern Lights salmon farm by approximately 90 tonnes CO2 annually — the average emissions of a diesel-powered fish farm workboat. 

Read the full case story or take a scroll through the interactive story

Marine Competence Center in Holmestrand, Norway

This Danfoss competence center dedicated to marine electrification is open to all industry professionals. It houses the Marine Academy where you can boost your application competence in grid converters, DC/DC converters, generators, commissioning, troubleshooting, and more. In-person or on-demand training is available.

Contact our experts

Get in touch with Martti Alatalo

Are you ready to accelerate your electrification journey? Our marine expert, Martti Alatalo, is ready to get in touch with you and have an informal discussion. 



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Meeting the challenges

In marine electrification, we are constantly overcoming new challenges to optimize performance and efficiency. Our maritime engineers are at the forefront of DC grid implementation, and know how to extract the extra energy saving benefits of combining DC grid, energy storage and/or variable speed generators. And the challenges? We engineer solutions to them. For instance, we have figured out how to provide the more sophisticated protection specially required for DC grids.

Power conversion beyond EV charging - Navigating the zero-emission voyage

As well as fast vessel charging, Danfoss Drives supports decarbonization of the marine industry in diverse applications including shore supply and hybridization, using the benefits of peak shaving and time delay to use energy in the most competitive way possible. Throughout Danfoss Group, we also offer a broad range of energy efficiency technologies to support you in meeting climate targets.

Stay up to date with Danfoss Drives

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    Danfoss acquires 1500 VDC converter technology and team to extend electrification portfolio
    Wednesday, January 10, 2024

    Danfoss Drives are announcing the acquisition of the ACE300 product and the takeover of the product team from Finland-based company Ampner Oy, to extend the electrification portfolio with a dedicated 1500 VDC power converter. The product will be integrated within Danfoss Drives’ portfolio of Electrification Solutions with primary focus on Smart Grids and energy storage.

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    Inspiring speeches and discussions at the Fossil Free Future program launch event
    Friday, November 10, 2023

    We hosted an inspiring launch event in Helsinki for the Fossil Free Future program. Together with 100 of our partners, customers, and stakeholders we discussed the themes of the better future.

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    Danfoss to receive EUR 10 million in funding from Business Finland for fossil-free solutions in industry and transportation
    Friday, September 8, 2023

    Danfoss' "Fossil Free Future" program has been granted EUR 10 million in funding in Business Finland's challenge competition for leading companies. As a Business Finland leading company, Danfoss is launching a wide-ranging R&D and innovation collaboration with existing and new partners.