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Ensure safe DC-grid selectivity

VACON® NXP DCGuard™ enables fast disconnection and full selectivity be­tween DC grids for all VACON® NXP series drives.

Utilizing DC grids rather than AC grids enables power distribution with lower power losses. However, ensuring selectivity and limited short circuit energy requires more sophisticated protection devices.

VACON® NXP DCGuard™ is a semiconduc­tor protection device that maintains the stability of the DC grid by detecting and cutting off any faulty DC currents, fast. It isolates the faulty part of the system within 5 microseconds, protecting the surrounding equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

VACON® NXP DCGuard has DNV-GL, ABS, and Lloyd's Register type approvals, simplifying system approval for use in marine environments.

Current range

465-800 VDC………3-4140 A

640-1100 VDC…..….4-3100 A

Features and benefits

  • Correct system selectivity due to short circuit protection
  • No overvoltage spikes at current cut-off
  • Connect two different DC grids with voltage differences up to full DC voltage, thanks to controlled voltage ramp-up
  • Transmission cable overload protection
  • Reliable, proven technology
DC grids and selectivity using VACON® NXP DCGuard™

DC grids and selectivity using VACON® NXP DCGuard™

Utilizing DC grids instead of AC grids can improve system efficiency and system footprint by up to 20%. And there is a significant potential for energy saving especially when combining DC grids, energy storage and/or variable speed generators.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Certificate - BG VACON NX ABS 19-LD1848307-PDA-DUP English Multiple 01 Sep, 2019 2.0 MB PDF
Certificate - BG VACON NXP DC Guard CCS SW18Q00002_02 English Multiple 01 Jan, 2019 1.8 MB PDF
Certificate - BG VACON NXP DC Guard CCS SW20PTA00002_02 English Multiple 01 Nov, 2020 250.2 KB PDF
Certificate - BG VACON NXP DCGuard LR 18-00076 English Multiple 01 Nov, 2018 5.0 MB PDF
Certificate - BG VACON NXP DNV GL TAE00002G2 rev.1-F English Multiple 01 Aug, 2018 451.0 KB PDF
Application guide - AB VACON® NXP DCGuard Application Guide English Multiple 01 Aug, 2020 2.0 MB PDF
Design guide - AJ VACON® NXP DCGuard Design Guide English Multiple 05 Dec, 2018 3.5 MB PDF
Operating guide - AQ VACON® NXP DCGuard Operating Guide English Multiple 13 Nov, 2018 2.4 MB PDF
Fact sheet - AM VACON® NXP DCGuard™ English Multiple 05 Mar, 2019 517.3 KB PDF


Type Name Language Updated Version Status Download File type
Application Software VACON® NXP DCGuard Application 16 Jun, 2020 046 RL 2.2 MB ZIP
Fieldbus Configuration Files VACON® OPTEA SIMATIC PDM EDD 13 Nov, 2018 RL 461.7 KB ZIP

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