Marine Competence Center, Norway

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Welcome to our Marine Competence Center

Located in Holmestrand, Norway, our Marine Competence Center provides the best possible solutions for our customers and partners. We can also offer the best possible training in marine with our extensive application knowledge from the industry.

One of the Nesodden ferries from behind

Together we can improve the future of the marine industry

Maritime transport emits more than 900 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and we believe that we can do better. Electrification in the marine industry is the way forward and we are here to help you achieve your marine electrification goals. 

We are proud to have extensive knowledge within not only the maritime industry, but also electrification. At our Danfoss Marine Competence Center, we offer tailor-made knowledge-sharing, hands-on training sessions, and on-demand requests from our customers. 

A hub for sharing our expertise

At Danfoss, we value our customers and partners and aim to offer outstanding technical support. Apart from our offerings within high-performance products and solutions, there is another reason to choose Danfoss: we freely share our knowledge and act as partners.

At our Marine Competence Center in Holmestrand, Norway, you can boost your application competence in grid converters, DC/DC converters, generators, commissioning, troubleshooting, and more. In-person or on-demand training is available.

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Customized Marine training on demand

Customized training on demand

With a day at our Danfoss Marine Competence Center, you have the opportunity to learn more about hybrid solutions and the growing trend of electrification within the maritime industry. 

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Danfoss Drives: how Norway is setting the pace for vessel electrification at scale

Decarbonizing shipping

Download our ''Decarbonizing shipping'' whitepaper and find out how Norway is setting the pace for vessel electrification at scale. At Danfoss Drives, we work every day in marine decarbonization. We operate in many countries with diverse stakeholders: policymakers, shipbuilders, OEMs, system integrators, and not least, vessel owners. This whitepaper looks at three key issues in marine decarbonization and speaks about the main factors influencing success.