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Danfoss Power Solutions products and technologies are at work in a wide range of industries. Learn more about our divisions and the innovative solutions they produce.

Our purpose


At Danfoss Power Solutions, we have the technology and the expertise to transform mobile and industrial machinery, leading the way to a more sustainable future. Together with our customers, we are increasing machine productivity and efficiency while reducing or eliminating emissions.

Our innovative products make this possible, but it’s our people who turn those possibilities into reality. Leveraging our unsurpassed application know-how, we partner with customers around the world to solve their greatest machine challenges. Our aspiration is to help our customers achieve their vision — and to earn our place as their preferred and trusted partner.

Together, we're engineering tomorrow to build a better future.


Our solutions

Danfoss Power Solutions designs and manufactures a complete range of engineered components and systems.  From hydraulics and electrification to fluid conveyance, electronic controls, and software, our solutions are engineered with an uncompromising focus on quality, reliability, and safety.

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Our people make the difference

Driving innovation and success at every level

At Danfoss Power Solutions, our people are the cornerstone of our success. Driven by shared values, we’re committed to building a safe, inclusive, and high-performing environment where everyone belongs, feels appreciated, and can grow. Our diverse teams are crucial to advancing our strategic goals and fostering a vibrant workplace that encourages both personal and professional growth.

By nurturing our people and supporting their development, we are investing in the future of Danfoss. Together, we’re not just working—we’re building a better tomorrow, leveraging our collective strengths to drive innovation and enhance performance in everything we do.

Sustainability is at the core of our business and value chain

We turn words into action. It is in our DNA. We want to put ourselves and our customers in the perfect position to drive a green transition.

We continue the transformation of our business to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by the strengthening global megatrends: climate change, urbanization, food and water supply, digitalization, and electrification. At the heart of these megatrends are societal and environmental changes in the world in which we do business.

We want to position ourselves for further growth and greater impact by integrating sustainability and ESG into everything we do: our operations, the way we engineer solutions for our customers, and our ability to attract people to lead the green transition.

We have defined three sustainable focus areas, where we want to make a step-change: decarbonization; circularity; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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    New Blind Mate Quick Connector from Danfoss Power Solutions simplifies chassis-to-manifold connections in data center liquid cooling applications
    Wednesday, July 10, 2024

    Compliant with Open Compute Project Open Rack V3 specifications, the Danfoss Hansen® BMQC simplifies installation and maintenance of inner rack servers while increasing reliability and efficiency.

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    Danfoss Power Solutions launches hydraulic remote control portfolio, offering increased machine productivity
    Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Featuring joysticks, foot pedals, and sectional valves, Danfoss' DHRC line increases machine productivity through superior controllability and operator comfort, plus customizable, robust designs offering high reliability.

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    New Directional Valve Group (DVG) from Danfoss Power Solutions brings higher performance, faster delivery to open-center valve market
    Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Currently available in North, Central, and South America, DVG 60 and DVG 100 valves bring a new level of quality and performance as well as rapid and reliable delivery to a competitive market.


Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Case studies

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    Fundex Equipment electric foundation rig case story

    World’s first fully electric large foundation rig with Danfoss Editron components.

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    Danfoss torque-limiting pump boosts productivity for truck-mounted electric crane

    Learn how the Danfoss Series 45 ETL pump eliminated stalling, reduced costs, and delivered efficiency improvements for a truck-mounted crane produced by Türkiye-based OEM MPG.

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    Immersion cooling: Harnessing live-event technology in data centers

    When COVID-19 wiped out festivals and live events, things were looking bleak for audio technology start-up iXora. With some help from Danfoss, the company realized that its cooling technology could be repurposed into a potentially game-changing solution for data centers.

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    Future-proof muscle control for Franna

    New Danfoss valve to control speed and power of hydraulic muscle in Australian manufacturer Franna’s cranes. “It’s extremely precise – definitely the best valve for the job,” Franna says.

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    Delivering the world's first fully-electric pile driving rig

    Junttan, a Finnish hydraulic piling equipment manufacturer, built the world’s first fully-electric pile driving rig in order to offer a sustainable  option to their customers.

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    Smarter than the average skid steer

    A new generation of electric skid steer loaders is bringing smarter functionality to this important market segment, enhancing operator ease of use and productivity. Helping to facilitate this transition are intelligent electronic controls and software from Danfoss Power Solutions.