Danfoss Commercial Compressors History

Danfoss Commercial Compressors is a leading manufacturer of fixed and variable speed scroll and reciprocating compressors, condensing units, and a pioneer of centrifugal oil free compressor technology with the Turbocor® compressors. These solutions are used in a variety of applications in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump markets globally. By adding BOCK® semi-hermetic world-leading technology to the extensive portfolio of compressors, Danfoss has consolidated its position as the leading provider of greener cooling and heating solutions. 

Explore Danfoss Commercial Compressors timeline and key highlights from different decades.
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Our Innovations Timeline

  • 1971 Maneurop S.A. is registered. Compressors are produced under license.
  • 1978 A new plant is opened in Reyrieux (near Lyon), France.

Why Maneurop compressors are blue?

One of the former Maneurop Director was found of racing cars and especially the Renault Gordini. He selected that specific blue Renault Gordini color for the compressors which is still used for the Danfoss Commercial Compressors.

1989:  A new plant is opened in Anse (near Lyon), France.

  • 1992: Maneurop is the first European manufacturer of scroll compressors.
  • 1993: Maneurop, manufacturer of compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, with 2 sites in France (Reyrieux and Anse) joined the Danfoss group. 
  • 1996: Opening of the new R & D technical center and laboratories.
    World-wide launch of Performer scroll compressors.
  • 1997: The Anse factory is now fully dedicated to the production of scroll compressors.
  • 1998: Maneurop S.A. becomes Danfoss Maneurop Commercial Compressors.
  • 2001: Danfoss Maneurop is the first compressor manufacturer to launch a 25 Ton scroll, the largest on market.
  • 2003: Danfoss Maneurop becomes Danfoss Commercial Compressors (DCC).
  • 2006: Launch of a new light commercial scroll compressors platform.
    Acquisition of Scroll Technologies (USA) extending the Danfoss scroll range from 3 to 30 Ton.
  • 2008: Launch of Inverter scroll compressors.
  • 2010: Launch of the first heating optimized Danfoss scroll, PSH.
  • 2020: Danfoss set an ambitious target to become carbon-neutral in all the company’s global operations by 2030 based on science-based targets.
  • 2022: Launch of OptymaTM iCO2, first R744 condensing unit range. Launch of DSG scroll optimized for R1234ze, very low GWP refrigerant.
  • 2023: Opening of the green refrigerant compressors laboratory in China. 
  • 2023: Acquisition of BOCK GmbH, a world leader in CO₂ and low-GWP compressors utilized in cooling and heating applications. Danfoss continues its natural refrigerant compressors development with the release of the VZN Inverter scroll with R290.

Danfoss Commercial Compressors today 

Happy 30 year Anniversary to Danfoss Commercial Compressors!

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